DANIEL MYLREA 1724 Ballaugh

Ballaugh 1724
In the name of God amen I Daniel Mylrea being in perfect mind and memory do make this my last will and testament. First I commend my soul unto almighty God who gave it hoping for mercy through the redemption of my blessed saviour and my body to Christian burial to be laid in my wife’s grave if fit for opening otherwise close by her side. Item I leave to the poor of the parish twenty shillings to be distributed at the parson's discretion. I leave and bequeath unto my daughter Ann three pounds legacy not including anything son Christian has had from me. I leave and bequeath unto sons Thomas and Wm Curlett five shillings apiece legacy. Lastly I appoint, constitute and ordain my son Daniel whole and absolute executor of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable and of what kind or nature soever called, named or distinguished And to testify this to be my last will and testament I hereby subscribe my name this 25th March 1721. Dan Mylrea

22nd October 1724 Mr Wm Bridson and Mr John Quaile two of the witnesses have departed the above will to be delivered as such by the testator in their presence.

The Executor sworn in form of law

Probatum est & solvit

Pledges in form of law Mr Wm Bridson & Mr John Quayle the witnesses


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/ MHK/ Attorney General line; Dollough estate
  2. Daniel Mylrea, oldest surviving son of William Mcylrea and Ann Christian, baptised 1655, Ballaugh
  3. As such he was entitled to inherit the family estate comprising the Dollough, held for at least a century by the Mylrea family, as well as lands purchased by his parents. These lands were all settled on Daniel through his 1679 Marriage Contract
  4. Daniel married considerably older widow Margaret Curlett als Parr 1679; she already had three sons Robert, Thomas, William Curlett, the latter two mentioned in step-father’s will; the former had died. Both parents expressly excluded the Curlett sons from inheriting anything of significance from Margaret or Daniel. The legacy from Robert, the son who died, was also passed on to Daniel
  5. Daniel & Margaret had four children: William (1682), Daniel (1684), Margaret (1686), Ann (1687?)
  6. Daniel became Attorney General 1690-1695, Deemster 1693-1724
  7. He made a Deed of Settlement on their unmarried son Daniel in 1709, to formalise the transmission of the the Mylrea Dollough estate
  8. Son Daniel married Lucy Parry, most likely in England. He became Attorney General 1720, Deemster 1734-1757
  9. Daughter Ann married William Christian, Jurby 1706. Like his father-in-law and brother-in-law, William Christian was a high ranking civil servant: Sumner General in 1727, and Attorney General 1735
  10. Margaret Mylrea Curlett als Parr died 1716
  11. Absence of children Margaret and William in parents' wills suggests they did not survive to adulthood. 1682 was the year when another William Mylrea was born in Ballaugh, the son of Thomas Mylrea & Margaret Craine of Ballacooiley. This boy grew up to inherit Ballacooiley while the son of Daniel & Margaret clearly did not survive. However, several genealogical endeavours confuse the two
  12. Great grand son Daniel Mylrea, son of Thomas Mylrea & Rose Savage, inherited the Dollough estate from his bachelor uncle, Daniel in 1775, the latter the son of Daniel Mylrea & Lucy Parry. Daniel the legatee promptly sold off the estate in a series of transactions in 1777

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