DANIEL MYLREA 1757 Ballaugh

See Deed of Surrender, dated 1757 which was accepted as Daniel's last will and testament.


  1. This was the Deemster/Archdeacon/ MHK/ Attorney General line; and possessors of the Dollough estate
  2. He was baptised in 1684 in Ballaugh, the son of Daniel Mylrea & Margaret Parr
  3. His father had made a Deed of Settlement on his (as yet) unmarried son Daniel in 1709, to formalise the transmission of the the Dollough estate
  4. Daniel subsequently married Lucy Parry, most likely in Chester, England. He became Attorney General 1720, Deemster 1734-1757
  5. Daniel & Lucy were recorded as having 11 children. At the time of Daniel's death, in 1757, four survived: Daniel (1716), Thomas (1717), William (1722), Ann (1723) Daughter Lucy (1719) died in 1740
  6. The day after Daniel's funeral, the children surrendered their right to a legacy from their father in favour of their brother and oldest son, Daniel, who like his father became an Attorney General (1755) and Deemster (1768-1775). He was also Receiver General & Water Bailiff 1758 & Steward to the Dukes of Atholl 1766
  7. Son Daniel, a bachelor, was presented in 1757 for fathering an illegitimate child, baptised 4th April, 1756
  8. This Daniel left almost everything to his nephew Daniel, older son of Thomas Mylrea & Rose Savage, which meant that this young man inherited the Dollough estate - which he promptly sold off in a series of transactions in 1777-1778 for about £3,000. And so ended the Mylrea occupation of the Dollough, an estate that had been in Mylrea hands since records were begun on the Isle of Man
  9. Daniel's second son Thomas became a merchant in Peel, and married Rose Savage
  10. Daniel's third son William took Holy Orders, and became the Archdeacon of Man 1760. He married Ellinor Gell

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