Will - 1735 (Douglas)

Douglas November 3rd 1735

Mrs Dorothy Killey als Gawn departed this life about 17th of September last, intestate, whereupon the Court has decreed her three children Richard, Charles and Jane Killey her sole and joint administrators of all her goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever, the nearest relations on the mother's side, Thomas and Elizabeth Gawn, supervisors and a legacy to her husband on sight of the inventory.

The supervisors are sworn in Court and so is the administrators' father to whom they have delivered the children and goods.

Pledges for Mr Killey are Mr Peter Moore & Mr Thomas Gellin

Decretum est

solvit 3s

John Woods, John Cosnahan

The inventory at next Court

Whereas Dorothy Killey als Gawn of the town of Douglas departed this life the 17th day of September 1735, intestate, whereof her three children Richard, Charles and Jane Killey were appointed administrators of all her goods, effects and chattels of what kind or nature soever, the said children being all under age, the uncle Thomas Gawn and the aunt Elizabeth Gawn being the next of kin by the mother's side were appointed and sworn guardians or overseers according to the laws of the island

And for asmuchas the decedant's effects principally long in shop goods, book debts, and other accounts of which no true account can be taken therefore the said guardians or overseers being well satisfied and assured of the paternal affection which Charles Killey, the father, hath and doth bear to his said children in doing them justice in their education and maintenance as well as in his rendering and given a just and true estimate and account of the goods and effects wherein are several debts, accounts and perishable goods belonging to the children whereof a perfect account cannot be given as above are therefore for and in behalf of the said children agreed to stand to the following articles and conditions

First that the said children viz Richard, Charles and Jane Killey when they arrive to fourteen years of age shall have and receive from their father Charles Killeythe sum of two hundred pounds Manks value equally or proportionally between them, in full consideration and satisfaction of all their right and title to the shop goods, book debts, and all other moveable effects of what kind or nature soever due to them by the death of their mother Dorothy Killey, the said Charles Killey paying off and discharging all debts and funeral charges due by the said Dorothy Killey

Secondly the said parties do further covenant and agree that what the said Charles Killey has purchased part of the tenement of Ballawilling in Balding in KK Braddan of which there is only five pounds, one shilling and two pence of the consideration paid, the said parties do therefore agree that the one half of the said five pounds, one shilling and two pence shall be added to the inventory and divided betwixt the children before specified

Thirdly the said parties do agree that whereas the said Charles Killey has by Contract of Marriage a right to the one half or moiety of certain goods after the death of Mr Thomas Gawn and Jane his wife of which there can be no account taken at present therefore it is agreed that the said goods are to fall equally betwixt the said Charles Killey and the children pursuant to the said Contact of Marriage

Fourthly the said parties do further agree that whereas that part of the tenement of Ballabroii and Ballakermeen with the intack thereunto belonging in the holding of Charles Killey is purchased land and the mother's part falls by law to the eldest son, Richard Killey, paying the other children a proportionable part of the consideration paid for the same therefore as the moeity or one half of the said lands cost one hundred and ten pounds, the same is to be charged to the inventory and to be divided equally betwixt the children

Lastly And for the performance of this agreement the said Charles Killey on the one part and Thomas Gawn and Elizabeth Gawn in behalf of the children on the other part do bind and oblige themselves, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the one to the other in the penalty of double the value to be levied according to law

Witness their hands and seals this 14th day of January 1735/6 Charles Killey (seal), Thomas Gawn (seal), Elizabeth Gawn (seal)

Sealed and delivered in presence of Ewan Corlett, William Oates

The inventory of the goods and effects of Dorothy Killey, wife of Charles Killey taken the 14th day of January 1735/6

To her part of the moveable goods of what kind soever as per agreement £200-00-00

To her part of the money laid out in Balding £2-10-00

to her part of the purchase money paid for Ballabroii £110-00-00

To her part of the dwelling house, Charles Cowle's house, the brew house bought from John Clague with all their outhouses, shades,backside and gardens £70-00-00

To her part of the tobacco house and backside £25-00-00

To her part of Savage's houses and gardens £22-00-00

To her part of the new house at the shore with the appertenances £70-00-00


We the subscribers being four men sworn to value and appraise the before mentioned houses have according to the best of our judgements valued them as above. And for the other goods and debts agreed upon by the parties we look upon the same to be just and reasonable as it is mentioned in the Articles of Agreement. Witness our hands January 14th 1735/6

William Oates, J. Christian, Ewan Corlett, Philip Finch

At Douglas March 18th 1735/6, The within pricers having viewed the goods and this being offered by the father and guardians of the orphans by virtue of their oath the same is accepted by this Court, reserving the children's right to the lands and houses in kind according to law. John Woods, John Cosnahan


  1. Charles Killey & Dorothy Gawn were married in Rushen on 13th September 1730
  2. Unfortunately the Marriage Contract between the young couple has not survived to tell of the respective family contributions to the young couple
  3. They had four children Richard (1731-1740), Thomas (1732-1732), Charles (1733), Jane (1735-1736) of whom two survived their mother: Charles married a second time and had a daughter Elizabeth (1740) by wife Margaret Maddrel m1739
  4. Jane was the younger daughter of Katherine Moore and John Mylrea, and the sister of Margaret Joyner
  5. Charles was born 1693, the oldest son of Jane Mylrea & Richard Killey who had married in 1689
  6. Jane's mother Katherine died in about 1698, and her father John Mylrea left the island and was never heard of again, presumed dead. Janés mother's legacy was Conchan (Douglas) cottage allotment #104 (later recorded #109), described in Lib Assed "three houses and two gardens 12d. Also contained on #104 were two purchases made by Richard Killey and described: "another little house and a house and garden on the sand side 2d"
  7. Neighbours were Phil Higgin and his wife Jane Mcylrea, and Robert Lewn, father of Margaret whowas the wife of Thomas Mylrea. The allotments were on (now) Barrack St
  8. In 1723 the parents of her husband Charles gifted him a house on cottage allotment #104/109, which might have been the start of an impressive land portfolio which followed as Charles purchased quarterland as well as cottage allotments in Douglas and the surrounding area, mostly during the 1730s. He was described as a shopkeeper/merchant in many of these documents.
  9. Dorothy must have died in childbirth for her daughter Jane was baptised on the same day her mother was buried. Jane died 4 months later
  10. Barely 5 years later, Charles Killey snr had the poignant burial entry: Mr Charles Killey & Peter Moore merchants with many passengers perished at sea. Both he and his brother in law Peter Moore were buried January 25th 1740 in Braddan
  11. The life of their surviving son, Charles jnr, was no easy. Having lost his mother at age 2, and his father at age 7, and inheriting a significant fortune when he came of age, none of his children survived and he (Charles jnr) died in his mid 30s, apparently in financial trouble: Philip Moore, the brother in law of Charles jnr, in correspondence with his father Sir George said "I am sorry to hear Charles Killey''s affairs are in so disagreeable a situation", dated 25th July 1768 and written from Hallifax in Nova Scotia [MNHLA MS 2860c]

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