Will - 1786 (Malew)


The last will and testament of Edward Mylrea of KK Malew who departed this life about the 11th of August last 1786 who was sound and perfect in mind and memory at the making hereof.

First he committed his soul to Almighty God and his body to Christian burial.

Secondly he left and bequeathed to his grandson Edward Mylrea two sheep.

Thirdly he left and bequeathed to his loving son Edward Mylrea all the rest of his worldly goods and effects whatsoever.

Fourthly and lastly he nominated and appointed his said loving son Edward Mylrea to be whole and sole executor of all rest of his goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever and excluding all cravers with sixpence a piece as legacy.

Witnesses present Isabel Cain als Norris my mark X, Catherine Clucas als Shimmin my mark X ] jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at Castletown on the 7th day of November 1786 The Executor is sworn in court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely Edward Shimmin and Henry Caveen, both of Castletown.

Probatum est


  1. Abbey lands
  2. Best guess is that Edward Mylrea was the son of Ellinor Mylrea als Quayle who died in Ballaugh 1733, and a William Mylrea (who might have been the son of William Mylrea & Ann Christian). Ellinor's daughter Mary married Edward Clague in Malew in 1746 and when she died in 1759, she nominated a brother named Edward as one of the supervisors of her children.
  3. Edward married Alice Quayle, Arbory, 1741 and had one surviving son, Edward baptised 1744/45. Their second son John, born 1753 died in 1754
  4. Edward & Alice were probably farmers with tenancies on Abbey lands in Malew. They sold up in 1778-1779
  5. Edward's wife Alice had died about 5 months before Edward
  6. Their son Edward jnr married Susannah Cashen, and this couple migrated to Peel where they established a new Mylrea dynasty
  7. Susannah had probably been born in Arbory where most of her siblings were born, the children of William Cashen & Susannah Creere
  8. There is no record of baptism for a grandson named Edward but in all likelihood, he left the Isle of Man and worked in Liverpool as a shipwright

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