Will - 1758 (Malew

In the name of God, amen. Whereas I Elizabeth Norris alias Molera of Ballasalley being weak and feeble in body but of perfect memory at the making hereof do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form as followeth.

Imprimis, I commit my soul to God and my body to a Christian burial.

Item, I bequeath to my son Robert four shillings and as much cloth as will make a shirt.

Lastly, I nominate and constitute my daughter Ann Norris sole Executrix of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable of what kind soever, debarring all other friends and relations of with six pence legacy each that would claim any right or title to any part or parcel of my effects whatever

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my name and mark this 19th day of November 1758. [signed her mark] Elizabeth Norris

Witnesses: Deborah Quayle, Mary Gilmore

At a Chapter Court held at Castletown May 30th 1759 The Executrix is sworn in Court in form of Law, and hath given pledges for payment of debts and legacies namely John Corrin Sumner and Nicholas Kneen of Malew


  1. Fildraw family
  2. Elizabeth was 71 years old when she died, born 1686
  3. She was the daughter of John McYlrea & Elizabeth Shimmin; siblings - Charles (m Margaret Kewley?), Thomas (m Jony Kinley), Catherine (unmarried), Ann (m Thomas Cain) Isable (m Thomas Quackin, Robert Shimmin)
  4. Married Thomas Norris 1708, Malew. Two children, Ann and Robert. The family resided in Ballaquaile
  5. It was surprising that Elizabeth's brother, Thomas, who was about 19 years of age negotiated her marriage contract in 1708 when her father was still very much alive
  6. Her father cut her off in his will (along with other siblings except Thomas)
  7. Daughter Ann was the main beneficiary from Elizabeth's will
  8. Elizabeth's sister Catherine also left the bulk of her estate to her niece, Ann Norris
  9. Ann Norris in turn left the bulk of her estate in 1777 to her niece Ann Cain, and her brother-in-law/nephew, Thomas Cain
  10. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised
  11. For further insights into the Malew Mylreas, please refer to Mylreas in Ballaquaile and Fildraw

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