At a Chapter Court holden at St Marks Chapel the 20th day of June 1781 Isabel Mylrea als Shimmin having departed this life on or about the 10th day of March last past intestate the Court upon intelligence thereof hath decreed her four children namely Charles, Jony, Deborah, and Margaret joint administrators of all her goods and chattels moveable and immoveable whatever who being all at age and the said Deborah being absent the said Charles, Jony and Margaret are sworn well and truly to administer the effects of the said intestate and to return a perfect inventory thereof to the Registry of this Court when thereunto required to pay all the just debts of the intestate so far forth as the said effects will extend and the law shall bind them all to be true and just to eachother and their co-administrators in the division of the said effects to which end they have given pledges in form of law namely Thomas Mylrea and Thomas Kermod, both of Rushen

Decretum est solvit

Chas Crebbin, Wm Clucas


  1. Married Thomas Mylrea July 1746, Malew
  2. Seven children: Jony 1747, John 1749, Deborah 1752, Charles 1754, Elizabeth 1757-1757, Catherine 1759, Margaret 1762. Last two born in Rushen
  3. It is highly likely that Thomas remained on the family's Fildraw lands while their owner, John jnr, worked as a cooper in Castletown. The lands were sold in 1757 which roughly coincides with when Thomas's family departed for Rushen
  4. Naming of only four children in will [Jony, Deborah, Charles, Margaret] suggests other three had already died
  5. Elizabeth was buried 10th March, 1781 Rushen
  6. No concrete evidence as to husband Thomas's fate. The Thomas Mylrea given as pledge in this will suggests that husband, Thomas, was still alive. He was probably the Thomas Mylrea who died in Rushen 1801
  7. Jony (died 1797), Deborah (died 1802) & Charles (died 1809) continued to live in Rushen, none marrying
  8. Margaret married Peter Christian 1892, Rushen and had several children - Thomas (1795-1802), John (1797), Margaret (1800), Isabel (1802). Daughter Margaret had an illegitimate child named John Cannell in 1825, fathered by James Cannell (ref
  9. This Isabel/Elizabeth Shimmin als Mylrea not to be confused with Isabel Shimin als Mylrea who made a Deed of Gift to her son Robert in 1777, nor with Elizabeth Mylrea als Shimmin who was married to Fildraw John Mylrea and died 1729 in Malew
  10. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised

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