Will - 1598 (Michael)

Copied from Joyce Oates' Episcopal Wills 1613-1616 because it was embedded on p337 of a 521 page .pdf document

The testament of Elline inie Rea uxor Danold Crahane, ffirst ---- soule to almightie God &c, constituted her exec Jo: and Aver---- my children

Itm my will is yt Corkanes wiffe of the Gill shall have the keepinge of ---- daughter,

Itm to my daughter my best ffrocke,

Itm to Jonie ----- my second frocke,

Itm my will is that my daughter Aver---- ---- have xijd (12d) of the mill till her mariage and the other xijd (12d) -----

Itm to Arveric 1 sheit & 1 callffe,

Itm to my mother 1 ffer: barlie ----- vic: & clarke 1 mutton,

Itm 1 cowe or stere betwene the ----- and Jo: Christen of Cranstall,

Itm to Thomas M---- ------

Itm to John my brother xijd (12d),

Itm to my mother xijd (12d)

------ poore 1 boule mault 1 firlet meale, ij sheepe,

Supvisor ---- Curghie demster and John Christen of Cranstall,

Itm ----- --- 1 mayre,

Itm to Mallie ----[fold]--- --hep------ of the ------ -----

[bottom edge, folded & crumbled] --------


  1. First wife of Sir Daniel Croghan
  2. No information as to who Ellen was, other than she was the sister of John Mc ylrea, her mother was still alive, she had children John & Averic

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