Will - 1608 (Patrick?)

Copied from Joyce Oates' Archdeacon Wills 1600-1618 because it was embedded on p408 of a 755 page .pdf document

Ellin iniylrea depted this life the 16th of Januarie untested 1607, the Church hath ordered the kynred of his mother administrat: viz: Willim, Fynlo and Annas senr and Annas junior

Inventorie ante sestum omed santxx sub pena in bookes before

probat est et solvit

Jo: Clarkes exec absent


  1. No surviving burials for Patrick 1600-1610. The date of will, in the traditional calendar starting in January, 1608 but the Manx at that time used a Gregorian calendar at the time when the next year didn't start until March
  2. Presumably unmarried
  3. Very rare to have a Mylrea family in Patrick
  4. Joyce Oates located this will in Patrick because this and three other wills were at the start of the collection, often the parish where records begin

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