Will - 1600 (Ballaugh)

The testament of Ellin Gawen als illerea who died the first of November.

First she bequeathed her soul to the Almighty God Creator and Redeemer and her body to be buried in [St?] Mary Church of Ballalagh.

Item to the poor [.. bowl?] wheat and malt, 2 bowls and sheep at discretion.

Item to her son Donald her part of the crop giving unto his two sister Allis & Jane either of them six firlets of corn betwixt wheat and barley.

Item to her son John a young horse.

Item to her brother John a firlet wheat.

Item a feather bed due to Stewie Mc Tear’s children to be given them.

Item to the parson one mutton.

Item to her two daughters married betwixt them a heifer after bulling.

Item to Annas Kegan a frock & a waistcoat.

Constituted her executors Donald, William, Allis and Jane her children.

Testes: Phillip Kissack, Mallowny Kermoat & John Mc Lerea} jurati

Probatum est et solvit 12d


  1. Dollough
  2. buried Ballaugh 2nd November 1600 (named Richard)
  3. wife of Ranold/Richard Mc illerea who died a few days after she did
  4. son William receives no bequests but named as an executor; is left sheep, part of the crop and something else (not decipherable) by his father Ranold
  5. No identification of her two daughters married named in Ellin's will, however Christian Mylrea who died in 1603 was probably her daughter and the names of her sibings in her will correspond with those in the wills of Ellen & Ranold. The two married daughters were Joney & Margaret
  6. Husband Ranold's will mentions a John Mc Lerea of Ballacrosse, who must surely be their second surviving son

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