Will - 1733 (Ballaugh)

Ballaugh Oct 1733
Ellinor Mylrea als Quayle departed this life about the 24th June last past, intestate whereof the Court having intelligence hath decreed her six children viz William, John, Thomas, Edward, Margaret & Mary Mylrea sole and joint administrators of all her goods and chattels moveable and immoveable whatsoever who being all absent excepting John, he is sworn in Court in form of law and hath given pledges for payment of the debts viz Pat Caley & John Cain

Decretum est & solvit 2d


  1. Unfortunately burials for the period 1731-1733 are missing from the Ballaugh Parish register so nothing remains of Elllinor except her will
  2. No information about who her husband was but it might have been William, son of William Mylrea & Ann Christian, and born 1667. No record of marriage but baptismal records for children William (1701), Margaret (1703), John (1706), Thomas (1708), Edward (1711) born to a William Mylrea/McYlrea in Ballaugh
  3. Only concrete information about this family is that daughter Mary married Edward Clague in Malew in 1746 (chn Margaret, Thomas, John, Ann). Mary Clague als Mylrea died 1759. She nominated William, John, Thomas & Edward as the children's supervisors in her will which is a strong indication of the link between Ellinor's will and Mary's later will
  4. Could her son William have married Jane Kneal als Tear in Ballaugh in 1727?
  5. Could her son John have been the Summoner of Ballaugh, born 1706 died 1781? Married Jony Kinread (no record but early 1730s) then Elinor Cain in 1765
  6. Could her son Thomas have married Jane Karran? No record of their marriage but children born 1734 and 1738 in Braddan
  7. Could her son Edward have married Alice Quayle in Arbory in 1741?
  8. Could her daughter Margaret have married Ewan Christian in Ballaugh in 1727?
  9. Curious that all children except John were absent when Ellinor died - youngest (Mary?) was probably underage. The problem with Margaret Christian being her daughter is that she should have been in Ballaugh in 1733
  10. If the speculation about Thomas & Edward is correct, then combined with Mary's location, it seems these siblings left Ballaugh - Edward & Mary for Malew, Thomas for Braddan and later German, William for Bride

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