The testament of Gilbert Mc ylrea who died the 22 of October and constituted his brother Thomas Mc ylrea his lawful executor.

Item bequeathed to Christian his sister 10s

Item to Margaret rea his sister 10s

Item to Thomas Mc Cowen 3s, to William Mc Cowen 2s with other 2s wch to him is owed

To Donall McHelle 2 sheep

To Christian ine Ryee 2 sheep and 2s

To Christian ine rea 2 sheep and 2s

To William Mc ilrea 2 sheep and 2 lambs

To John Mc ilrea 2 sheep and 2 lambs and 1 mare with colt between them

To Ales ine coriake 16s

To the vicar 12d and to the clerk 12d

To the poor 1 bowl malt, 1 firlett wheat and 4 sheep

Note that he willed Margaret ine Rea his sister to be delivered to the said Thomas Mc ylrea his brother and executor [6l 6d] of lawful money of England [which she has in keeping of his]

Item Russle Helle 10s

Item Willia[m] Helle 5s, Willia[m] Alister 14s

Sr Donald Chrahan } testes

William danyell clerk }

probatum est et solvit 12d


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