The last will and testament of Hugh McYlleriah who departed this life the … day of September 1648 and committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial
Item he bequeathed to the poor to be distributed at the ……. a firlot of barley and mutton
Item he bequeathed to his wife Margaret a quarter of a ………….. and a quarter of a heiffer and she to pay half the debts
Item he bequeathed to his brothers and sister Jo, Tho, Issable; and Issable McYlleriah … a yearling sheep and a horse and they to pay the other half of the debt
Item he named that his brothers and sister should give for his funeral ………… barley and his wife to give the mutton
Item he willed that whatsoever was ……… of besides what was named and bequeathed ……………………  Margaret Stoele shall have it and named his aforesaid brother and sister Ffinloe and Issable McYlleriah executors

Probatum est et solvit 6d

Testes John Bell his mark, Thomas Stoale ] jurati  

Inventory ……… and prized by Thomas Bell and Thomas Bell and the summoner? ….. ….. …… [a few livestock listed]

Robert Harison & John Bell pledges

[more text but indecipherable although Margaret Stoele's name is involved]


  1. Hugh (Mcylleriah) was buried 13th September 1648
  2. The name Hugh is quite unusual in Mylrea families, so he was probably the son of Thomas Mylrea and Ales (Alice) Bell, the latter mentioning a son Hugh in her 1646 will
  3. The brother Ffinlo and sister Issabel mentioned in his will also 'fit' with Ales's 1646 will
  4. His wife was Margaret (Stoele?), and he named siblings John, Thomas & Issable
  5. Nothing more is known about the fate of his family. A Hugh Mylrea married Margaret Cain in Braddan in 1716, and had a son named Hugh the same year - there might be a connection back to Malew but no known links
  6. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised
  7. For further insights into the Malew Mylreas, please refer to Mylreas in Ballaquaile and Fildraw

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