Will - 1684 (Ballaugh)

The last will & testiment of Hugh McLerah who committed his soul to God, & his bodie to Christian burial.

He left a horse, & a steer to pay some debts.

He ordained his loving wife executrix of all the rest of his goods movable & unmovable.

Testes: Gilbert Moor Richd: Cannell juratus

The executrx sworne in Court according to law

Probatum est et solvit 6d

The inventorie of ye goods of Hugh Mclerah praised by 4 sworne men amounts to ye sum of 00 19s 00

Debts deducted 01 14 00

Pledges according to Law. Gilbt Corlet & Hen: Woods


  1. Buried in Michael Feb 19, 1684 which bespeaks his origins rather than his will which was "proven" in Ballaugh
  2. Hugh is rare first name amongst the Mylrea clans. A Hugh Myclleriah was buried in Malew in 1648 but he mentioned a wife named Margaret and siblings Jo, Tho, Issable Mcylleriah (and no chidren), a strong indication of his Malew roots and without descendants
  3. A Hugh Mcylrea was born in Michael in 1615, son of William. Other children in the family were Mable (1616), Rich (1619), John (1626)
  4. A century later, a Hugh Mcylrea married Margaret Cain in 1716 in Braddan, and they had a son named Hugh in 1716
  5. Given how uncommon the name is in Mylrea genealogy, a reasonable guess is that the Hugh born in 1615 in Michael was the person or (the father of the man) who died in 1684 in Ballaugh. There is no record of a Hugh Mylrea marriage although he had a wife (unnamed) according to his will
  6. The Hugh Mylrea who married in Braddan could be a relative (there is no record of his birth) although his father was John Mclrea, not Hugh
  7. Hugh Mylrea, married to Margaret Cain in 1716, having sold in 1703 land in Michael with his mother Cath Corjeage, and later in 1718, a house and garden in Michael, presumably after the death of his mother. His parents were Cath Corjeag who married John Mcylrea in Michael in 1680

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