ISSABEL McYLLERIAH als ?? 1648 Malew

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The last will and testament of Isabel McYlleriah the 23rd of June 1648 and committed her body ........ She bequeathed to the poor a sheep or mutton and three shills She bequeathed all the house and ground during his natural life to her husband Thomas Mcylleriah and after the decease of Thomas all her...... house and grounds to her son John She bequeathed to her son John and Issabel a heifer Item She bequeathed to her .... daughter Issabel Harrison and ….. 2 kerchiefs a wheel and a pair of …. Item To Thomas a mutton and she bequeathed and constituted her sons Martin and Thomas executors of all the goods and immoveable

Testes Nicholas Quiddy and Jane Brew

Inventory prized by Thomas Quaile, …. Harrison and Henry Radcliff as follows:


  1. Issabel buried 23rd June 1648
  2. No indication as to who she was, but the house and gardens were hers to bequeath as she wished, so an heiress?
  3. Husband Thomas; children - Thomas, John, Martin, Issabel
  4. Children born in c1630s
  5. Son Thomas married Margaret Gellin (Malew) 1654. Margaret died 1702 and Thomas in 1711. They had six surviving children
  6. Son John married Cathrin Norris als Caveene c1650. John died 1680 and Cathrin in 1688. They had one son William and one daughter, name unknown. John was (from his mother's will) the heir to her estate. In his will, he mentioned that the houses and lands had been brought to the marriage by his wife
  7. Son Martin married Elizabeth Christian (Malew) 1654. Elizabeth died 1683 and Martin in 1698. They had one surviving child, a son named John

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