Will - 1810 (Ballaugh)

Dec 15, 1809

The last will and testament of Isabel Cowley of Ballaugh testifieth that she left and bequeathed to her daughter Jane, wife of John Corlett, two guineas as legacy

She left to her daughter Isabel twenty pounds British as legacy

She left her loving husband Patrick whole and sole executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable of what kind soever with the care of the rest of her children to give them school and trade as he sees proper and fit and likewise her part of their purchased lands called Bulliver's Close if he lives unmarried in her name. But if he marries, she leaves her daughters Jane and Isabel the said Bulliver's Close equally between them and one shilling each to the witnesses of this her last will and one shilling each to anyone who should seem to have a right to claim in this her last will

John Collister, Patrick Cannell } jurati

At a chapter Court holden at KK Michael 28 May 1810

The executor is sworn in Court in form of law as guardian and supervisor of the children under age and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies, namely the witnesses of the will

Probabum est. Thomas Cubbon


  1. Ballacooiley
  2. Isabel Mylrea was the oldest daughter of John Mylrea and Jane Clark, Ballacooiley, born 1763
  3. She died died 10/2/1810 aged 46, leaving a family of mostly under age children
  4. She predeceased her father
  5. She married Patrick Cowley jnr in 1785 and had 9 children of whom 7 were alive when their mother died: Jane (1786), Patrick (1788 - died 1789?), Isabel (1791), Thomas (1793), Patrick (1796), John (1798), William (1801-1801), Philip (1803), Daniel (1807)
  6. She & Patrick had a Marriage Contract
  7. Land transactions that might have been by her husband Patrick: Purchase 1778 (March) from Daniel Mylrea, Mortgage 1778 (Nov) from Rev. William Mylrea

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