Will - 1670 (Michael)

Copied from Archdeacon Wills 1645-1654 because it was embedded on p206 of a 481 page .pdf document

KK Michaell

Esable Wooley depted this life about ye first of May 1670 intestate wherof ye Church haveing intelligence hath decreed her children viz Ellin Mcleyreah, child by ye latter husband, and June Evans childe by ye formr husband admministratrs of all her goods movable & unmovable whatsoever; And e daughter in the Island is sworne to be true to her sister in Ireland and to be answerable for her pt of goods at her return.

Salvo tamen vincuig

Decretum et solvit xijd (12d)

suo jure

The Inv: wth 14 dayes sub pena juris

The Inventory is ........vjs 4d

Pledges according to law Tho: Killip & Dan: Caine


  1. No marriage record found, and buried as Isable Woolley April 13, 1670
  2. No sign of Ellin's birth. Mylrea men having children in that era: JOHN (John 1650, William 1661), HUGH (Kath 1656, Mary 1659, William 1663)
  3. With a daughter in Ireland and another on the Isle of Man, there is some chance that Esabel was Irish, and that her husband was a mariner

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