Will - 1644 (Ballaugh)

Jaine Cannell departed this life 15th? February 1643 intestate whereof the chuch having intelligence hath declared her children William, Thomas, John and Ellen Illerea administrators of all her goods moveable and immoveable ..... her children of lawful years [supervisors?] of the rest.

Decretum est

Inventory within 14 days sub pena John Corlett, Finlo Corlett, William Corlett

Salvo tamon vincuig[?] suo jura[?]

[lengthy Inventory of cattle, sheep, horses and household goods follows] sub pena juris

Ballaugh Presentments (on next page) - neither might be related to the situation with Jaine Ine Lerea als CANNELL

Thomas Mcylvorey presented for ....ing 3 ..... from John Myl ........... on Monday morning ............. ............ .............. ...........

Omne bene (= everything well)

Note that the supervisors of the children of Jane Cannell doth claim of Finlo Cowley and his wife all such covenants and bargains as the said Cowley and the said wife gave at the time of contraction so their son Thomas Cowley and Jane Cannell for ...... they crave the benefit of the law in the behalf of the children.

Date March 29, 1644 (a Thomas Cowley was born to a Phinlo Cowley in Ballaugh in 1616)


  1. Dollough
  2. buried 16th February 1644 (recorded as 1643 by old calendar)
  3. Wife of John, mother of Willam, John, Thomas & Ellin
    • William b1627 was his father's heir and inherited the Dollough estate; became the patriarch of the long line of Deemster/Attorney Generals/Archdeacons on the Isle of Man [birth record for William = William Mc ylrea, son of John de Dollough bapt the 11th Nov]
    • John b1630 died before 1666
    • Thomas b1630 also died as young man in 1656
    • Ellin b1638 married Rich Cannell in KK Michael in 1659??
  4. Husband John died in 1638
  5. The ancestral lines of Jane's husband, John Mc ylrea, reach back to the late 1400s/early 1500s when the wife of a John Gilrea and his son Donald were recorded in the the 1515 Manorial Roll for Ballaugh as having paid rent on several pieces of land in Ballaugh
  6. The children's ages at the time of Jane's death ranged from 16 to 5 years
  7. It might be, from the Presentment on the page following Jane's will, that the widowed Jane had married Thomas Cowley after the death of her husband in 1638. The name, Thomas Cowley, fits well with later events, when the Dollough was composed for in 1643 by Thomas Cowley on behalf of Jane's son, William, the (still) under age heir-at-law to the estate. While names like Jane Cannell and Thomas Cowley were not uncommon at the time, the location of the Presentment at the end of the Jane's will would be strong evidence that indeed, Jane had married Thomas.
  8. The details of the line of transmission that eventually brought the Dollough to Jane's son William is in the story Nicholas Mylrea jnr

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