To the Rev Thomas Cubbon one of the Vicars General of this Isle

The humble petition of Catherine Mylrea of the parish of Jurby

Sheweth that on or about the night of the 23rd day of October last past your petitioner’s husband namely James Mylrea was drowned near Lahn moan and without making any will

That the said James Mylrea departed this life possessed of several goods and effects and some of them of a perishable nature which requires the most speedy attention and as no person is yet authorised to proceed to the management of the same, your petitioner is constrained to apply to your reverence for relief and redress in the premises. The petitioner therefore humbly prays for a hearing of this petition and upon hearing the same that your petitioner may be sworn administratrix of the said deceadant’s estate good and effects and your petitioner shall pray.

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  1. James was the youngest son of Nicholas Mylrea jnr & Margaret als Kneen. He was born in Ballaugh in 1792, so just 24 when he died
  2. He died in a boating accident, along with his older brother, William, heir to the Mylrea estate, Ballacorraige
  3. James was buried in Ballaugh on 6th November, two weeks after the accident
  4. James left a wife, Catherine Kelly (they had married only 4 months previously), and a son born 8 months later
  5. Catherine remarried but the boy, also named James, kept the Mylrea surname and generations of his descendants ensued to the present day
  6. James's siblings: Margaret married John Moughtin; Catherine + James Kneen; William + Elinor Caine; John + Elizabeth Garrett; Thomas + Jane Teare
  7. Brothers John & Thomas migrated to Andreas (Thomas later went to Bride). Their sons made their way to Australia & the USA

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