JAMES MYLREA 1904 Rushen

In the High Court of Justice Common Law division Testamentary jurisdiction

To his Honour Thomas Kneen Deemster and a judge of the said division The Humble Petition of Elizabeth Mylrea, Bay View House, Port Erin Widow

Sheweth as follows

1. Your petitioner’s husband James Mylrea of Bay View House aforesaid, retired master mariner, departed this life on the 8th Day of April 1904 having first made and executed his last will and testament bearing date 6th day of March 1894 whereof he appointed your petitioner executrix

2. Your petitioner is desirous of obtaining a grant of probate of the said will whereof your petitioner humbly prays a hearing hereof and that your honour may be pleased to grant probate of the said will of the said James Mylrea deceased to your petitioner with such other and further relief as is meet and your petitioner will ever pray etc

J.D.Clucas (advocate for petitioner)

Ordered that the petition do come to be heard at a Court to be holden at Castletown on Monday second day of May 1904 at 11.30 o’clock in the forenoon whereof all proper parties and persons to have due notice Given this 30th day of April 1904 T.Kneen


[The remainder of the document (without the original will) is a proforma setting out the straightforward conditions of probate]



  1. James was baptised in Rushen in 1841, parents John Mylrea and Esther als Carine
  2. His grandparents were John Mylrea & Catherine Quilliam, married in Patrick in 1801. His grandfather's name and occupation of his son & of James initially (cooper) would suggest a link with the Castletown coopers of the same name but so far, no connection has been made
  3. James bought shares in the Queen in 1862, and by 1876 was master of the Northerner
  4. Mother Esther died 1868; father John died April 1878
  5. December 1878 James Mylrea married Elizabeth Davies (born in Cheshire 1844) in Rushen. She died 1894
  6. 1896, James Mylrea, aged 50, widower, married Elizabeth Rowley aged 39 in Liverpool. He was a boarding house keeper (Bay View House) in Port Erin, and also a Town Commissioner
  7. Elizabeth Mylrea als Rowley died 1905
  8. James had no children and the assets of the family went to Elizabeth's English relatives

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