Will - 1756 (Jurby)

In the name of God Amen –

I George Callow & Jane Callow als Mylrea being in a very indifferent state of health but of sound and perfect mind and memory and knowing the uncertainty of human life have mutually agreed to make this our last will and testament in manner following:

First we commend our souls to God hoping through the merits and mediation of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ hoping to receive full remission for all our sins and our bodies we commit to the earth to be decently buried.

Item we leave and bequeath to our loving and dutiful daughter Mary Stuart wife of Charles Stuart our holdings in Douglas lately purchased by us from the administrators of Ewan Corlett with the appurtenances unto them belonging, together with a new feather bed and bolster, two rugs, two new blankets viz a white and a grey one, a pair of sheets, viz. a coarse and a fine one.

Item we leave unto our brother John Mylrea of Ireland the sum of four shillings and lastly we mutually nominate and appoint the survivor of us the said George Callow & Jane Callow whole …… over all the rest of our goods and effects ….. forever

In testimony hereof we have hereunto set our hands and marks this 29th day of March 1756. George Callow, Jane Callow my X

Note. Before signing hereof that we further leave to our daughter all her mother’s …. apparel together with a black oak chest which chest she is not to receive till after the death of the survivor of us. As witness our hand and marks the day and date abovementioned that is the 29th March 1756.


Witnesses present at signing hereof Robert Brown, Thomas Key] jurati

I George Callow the above subscriber do bind myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty of two hundred pounds sterling to be … according to law that I will give my consent and abide by the … and that my daughter Mary (Mally?) Stuart shall have her legacies in … within and above will.

As witness my hand this … of June 1756 George Callow

Witnesses present Robert Brown, Thomas Key ] jurati

… given pledges for payment of debts and legacies ………………… Robert Brown & Thomas Key, the witnesses of this will

Solvit ….. probatum est Ro Radcliff Matthew Curghey


  1. A Jurby family
  2. Jane and John were the children of WIlliam Mylrea & Margaret Clark who themselves have no confirmed links to the Mylrea clan. Jane b 1692, John 1695, both in Jurby
  3. William & Margaret also had Margaret 1686, WIlliam 1702 and perhaps Ellinor 1708 in Jurby
  4. William died 1710 (presumably the father
  5. Jane Mylrea married George Callow c1730
  6. She died in Jurby, 8th June 1756
  7. She had at least two children Mally (1732) and John (1734) in Jurby
  8. Daughter Mary Callow married Charles Stuart in 1755 in Braddan
  9. Evidently Jane's son John, has died since he is not mentioned in her will, but her brother John was living in Ireland

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