Will - 1810 (Andreas)

originally submitted by Carol Gosselin to Brian Lawson

The last will and testament of Jane Radcliffe of the parish of KK Andreas.

First She committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial.

Then she left to her son John Radcliffe the sum of two shillings and sixpence.

And lastly she bequethed and appointed her daughter Jane Radcliffe whole executrix of all her goods and effects moveable and immoveable of whatsoever description soever

Jane Radcliffe

Witness present Wm Corkill, George Cowle

At A Chapter Court holden at Ramsey 7th Nov 1810

The executrix is sworn in Court in form of law hath given pledges for the payment of debts & legacies namely the witnesses of the will.

Probatum est

Thos Cubbon


  1. Jane Mylrea married Philip Radcliffe in Ballaugh 4th November 1766; John was from Andreas & Jane from Ballaugh
  2. Presumably she was born around 1740-1745; no record of birth so might have been a Mylrea widow prior to marriage to Philip but more likely the daughter of John Mylrea (Summner of Ballaugh) & Joney Kinread
  3. Their children were born in Andreas:
    • daughter Jane b1768 (so over 40 when her mother died)
    • son John born b1772
    • son William b1775; he must have died to be left from his mother's will
  4. Husband Philip probably died 1801. His will names children Jane & John (and a William Mylrea)

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