JANE MYLREA als CLARK 1803 Will Ballaugh

originally submitted by Shirley C. Hogensen to Brian Lawson


The last will and testament of Jane Mylrea wife of John Mylrea of Ballacooiley in the parish of Ballaugh being in perfect mind, memory and understanding at the making thereof made the same the 22nd day of June 1803 in manner following:

First she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial.

She also bequeathed to her daughter Anne Mylrea the sum of twenty pounds together with the new feather bed with its bedding and all her shaped apparel.

She willed to all the rest of her children two shillings and four pence each.

And lastly she nominated constituted and appointed her said husband John Mylrea sole and whole executor and residuary legatee of this her last will and testament.

Witness: Wm Craine, Thomas Craine} jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at KK Michael Nov 15th 1803. The executor is sworn in court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely the witnesses of the will.

Probatum est

Ev Christian, John Crellin

At KK Michael 21st Jan 1806 John Corlett, husband of Ann Corlett als Mylrea, acknowledges to have received from John Mylrea executor of the will of Jane Mylrea deceased the sum of twenty pound,s a new feather bed with its bedding, and the said decedents shaped apparel being a legacy bequeathed unto his wife by the said Jane Mylrea in the annexed will and exonerate acquits and discharged the said executor his executors administrators and assigns of the same and every part thereof. As witness my name and mark the date above written John Corlet his x mark. Before me Wm Henry D.Epl Reg.


  1. Ballacooiley
  2. Wife of John Mylrea, married 1758, and had 12 children
  3. Children: John (b1759) married Ellinor Corlett, Daniel (b1761) & Mary Hughes, Isabel (b1763) & Patrick Cowley, Jane (b1765) & James Corlett, Margaret (b1767) & Thomas Corlett, Ellinor (b1774) & John Caley, Ann (b1776) & John Corlett; Thomas (b1781) & Ann Cannon?; Thomas (b1769) & Mary (b1772) died of smallpox within days of each other in 1773, William (b1771), & Thomas (b1779) died in infancy
  4. Oldest son John took over Ballacooiley on death of father in 1814
  5. What son Daniel did with his life is not known. but he and Mary had eight children. As a teenager, he was left a small legacy by his grandfather, Daniel Clark, "to put him to some honest trade"
  6. The third surviving son named Thomas, baptised in 1781, was most likely the fellow who married Ann Cannon in Braddan in 1811, and worked as a gardener/labourer

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1759-3 E CLARKE Isabel CRYE d 8 jun 1759; dau Margt,Jane (w/o John Mylrea had dowry)

1815-2 E CORLETT Anne MYLREA d sep 1815;ch John + Jane jt admrs - ua - uncle (mo's side) John Caly supv; husb John (shoemaker) sworn

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