Will - 1735/6 (Douglas)

Douglas March 16 1735/6

Jane Killey daughter of Mrs Dorothy Killey, deceased, having departed this life about the first day of February last under age, the Court has decreed her two brothers, Richard and Charles Killey, joint administrators of all her goods and chattels whatsoever, which goods etc being secured and included in their above mother's inventory are to be reserved for the use of the administrators aforesaid, who are also under age

John Woods, John Coshahan

Decretum est

Solvit 6s


  1. Jane was the infant daughter of Charles Killey snr and Dorothy Gawn, and of a wealthy family
  2. She was baptised 18th September 1735, and her mothe rwas buried the same day
  3. Jane died in February the following year, 4 months after her mother
  4. Her father, Charles snr was the son of Jane Mylrea & Richard Killey, and born 1693. Charles was a wealthy merchant in Douglas
  5. Jane had siblings Richard (1731-1740), Thomas (1732-1732) and Charles jnr (1733)

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