JANE MYLREA als KNEAL, TEAR Will 1774 Jurby

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Jane Mylrea als Kneal who departed this life about the 19th June 1774 being of perfect mind and memory at the make thereof. First she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item she left and bequeathed to her daughter Cathrine and daughter Margaret twelve kishens of dried barley equally between them. Item she left her daughter Cathrine a wooden tub and her share of the bed clothes which said Cathrine had already. Item she left to her daughter Jane Mylrea all her apparel excepting a Holy Days gown which she left to her daughter Mary. Item she left to her daughter Mary a chest and a bed stock together with the bed clothes. Lastly she nominated and appointed her-son-in law Daniel Tear and her daughter Mary Mylrea sole executors of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable and a shilling to each of the witnesses of her will.

Witnesses Elizabeth Crenilt her mark X, Ann Corkish her mark X ] jurati

At a Chapter Court holden at KK Michael November 14, 1774 Mary Mylrea having relinquished in Court her right to the Executorship unto Daniel Tear the other executor named the said Daniel Tear is sworn in Court in form of law and hath given pledges of debts and legacies namely Wm Boddagh als Boyd in the Gill and Thomas …. both of Ballaugh

Probatum est

Solvit 12d

James Wilks & John Moore


  1. Wife of William Mylrea, married 6th July 1727 Ballaugh, Isle of Man
  2. Jane was a widow - came from KK Michael?
  3. No specific information about William's family. One candidate is William, son of William Mylrea & Margaret als Clark (Jurby), born 1702; another is son of Ellinor Mylrea als Quayle born early 1700s (probably Ballaugh). In the case of the latter candidate, there is the possibility that Ellinor Mylrea als Quayle had married William, son of William Mylrea & Ann Christian. A William (1701), a Margaret (1703), a John (1706) are recorded as born to a William Mylrea in Ballaugh
  4. William & Jane had daughters: Jane (1729, Ballaugh), Margaret & Ellinor (1736, Ballaugh), Catherine (1739, Ballaugh), also Mary mentioned in Jane's will, has no baptism record
  5. Husband William died 5 months previously in Bride but was buried in Ballaugh as was Jane, who had died in Jurby, perhaps living with daughter Nelly (Ellinor) who married Daniel Tear and unmarried daughter, Mary
  6. Jane married Robert Caine (maybe in Douglas), Margaret married Charles Kewish (1766, Ballaugh), Nelly married Daniel Tear (1768, Ballaugh). Mary & Catherine did not marry although Catherine might have had illegitimate children William in 1771 and Elizabeth in 1773, both in Bride their father William Crinolt
  7. Jane & Robert Caine: children - Robert 1761-1763, Margaret 1764, John 1769, Daniel 1773
  8. Margaret & Charles Kewish: children - William (b1767 Ballaugh), Charles (b1769 Bride) m Jane McKnight, Leonora (b1771 Bride) m Thomas Sayle, Jane (b1774 Bride), Christian (b1777 Bride), John (b1779-1781 Bride), Ann (b1781 Bride)
  9. Nelly (Ellinor) & Daniel Tear: Daniel (b1768 Ballaugh), Jane (b1770 Ballaugh), James (b1772 Bride), Cath (b1777 Ballaugh), Margaret (b1781, Jurby)
  10. Catherine died in Douglas in 1789 and Mary died 1799 in Jurby

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