Will - 1595 (Michael?)

SUMMARY kindly provided by Robert Cannell

The Testamtn Johanis mc ilrea qui obijt 12th d[]

[in]testat[] .. ... ix eccletia [libeccos?] d[]

.... .. .... vide Willm Johns et Jonet

[] constitutd [pdicto?] willi[] .. dm acatci

[]yeth suer sons donald mc ilrea et Johnan[as]

[Inv]ent 21 shpe 5 lambes 1 cowe 1 ... a sea[]

[] [two?] yeats ould 1 calffe in the hands [of]

William mc ilrea

pbatn est


  1. Father of William, John & Jonet
  2. Same children's names as in the 1577 will of Jonie ine Hymmeyn so perhaps her husband

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