1638 - Will (Ballaugh)

Kindly provided by Robert Cannell


The last will and testament of John Mclerea who depted this life the 9th of May in anno 1638.

First hee bequeathed his soule to God and his bodie to Christian burial.

Item to the poore one boule malte, one firlot wheat and a firlot of oate meale.

Itm to Mr parson Thompson one mutton

Itm to Finlo Cowley the swyne hee ought him

Itm hee left to his eldest soone William a teame of oxen with all the geare of husbandry thereto belonginge [viz?] six oxen as hee himselfe had from his father, whereunto his wyfe gave her full and free consent, also hee left him his halfe of the crope of corne giveinge unto his other three children six boules of high corne equaly to bee devided amongst them and this hee said hee thought was well for his eldest sonne and soe left the rest of his substances viz his goods moveable & unmoveable to his three younger children and his wyfe to have the tuition of the children and ther goods untill they come to lawfull yeares although the deceadent named noe execs yet the Court finding him to have left all his goods to his 3 said children aforeherenamed hath decreed them executrs, & a maire & foale to ye wife for a legacy. The next of kinred on the father's side supvisors.

pbat est et solvit 12d

Testes: Thomas Cannell, Thomas ..... , John Cannell } jurati

debts owing unto said testator from:

pledges for wife Wm Quaile & Hugh Cannell

Debts owing to the said testator from:

John Garrett ................

From Finlo Cowley forty shillings

From John Corlett de Dollaugh ten shillings

From Hugh Cannell of ….. five shillings

From Donald Corrage two shillings

From Hugh Corrage five shillings

Inventory of the goods of John Mcylrea as examined by 4 sworn men viz

…………… Mc Corlett, John Corlett snr, …………. and John Corlett jnr ……………. due ....... executor as followeth: [lengthy list of cattle and horses]


  1. Dollough
  2. Father of William, John, Thomas & Ellin; husband of Jaine Cannell
    • William b1627 was his father's heir and inherited the Dollough estate; became the patriarch of the long line of Deemster/Attorney Generals/Archdeacons on the Isle of Man [birth record for William = William Mc ylrea son of John de dollough bapt the 11th Nov]
    • John b1630 died before 1666
    • Thomas b1630 also died as young man in 1656
    • Ellin b1638 married Rich Cannell in KK Michael in 1659
  3. Thus the children's ages ranged from 11 to new born when their father died
  4. John's wife Jaine died 5 years later. However, it might be, from the Presentment on the page following Jane's will, that the widowed Jane had married Thomas Cowley after the death of her husband in 1638. The name, Thomas Cowley, fits well with later events, when the Dollough was composed for in 1643 by Thomas Cowley on behalf of Jane's son, William, the (still) under age heir-at-law to the estate. While names like Jane Cannell and Thomas Cowley were not uncommon at the time, the location of the Presentment at the end of the Jane's will would be strong evidence that indeed, Jane had married Thomas
  5. The ancestral lines of this Mylrea family reach back to the late 1400s/early 1500s when the wife of a John Gilrea and son Donald were recorded as having paid rent in the the 1515 Manorial Roll for Ballaugh. Details of the line of transmission that eventually brought the Dollough to William (and beyond) is in the story Nicholas Mylrea jnr
  6. NOTE: A Thomas Mylrea was named father of an illegitimate child, Bessy, in 1644 in Ballaugh. No known candidate.
  7. John d Dollough presented for carrying sacks on a Sunday morning

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