The last will and testament of John McYlleriah who committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial. 

Item He bequeathed to the poor a firlot of malt, furlot wheat, firlot oatmeal and flesh? at the discretion of the executor
Item he bequeathed to Thomas Bell son to Thomas half a heifer
Item he bequeathed to the children of Thomas Caine the half of 2 sheep
Item he bequeathed to his son Thomas McYlleriah his part of three oxen and a horse and the mother to have the use of her own half of them during her natural life and try to keep the team together and at her decease she to leave or bequeath her part of them to her said son to which she the said mother gave her .....
Item he bequeathed to his said son Thomas a young horse
Item he constituted ordained and appointed her said son Thomas McYlleriah and his wife Ellinor Bell als McYlleriah his true and lawful executors of all the rest of his goods moveable and immoveable
Item he bequeathed unto the said wife Ellinor Bell the lands or tenement until the heir his son ........... to twenty one years and she to have charge of all the goods belonging to ... his son Thomas McYlleriah during all the ...... time

Probatum est et solvit
Testes John Farrant, Thomas Bridson ] jurati

Inventory of the goods of the said John viewed and praised by .... Bridson, Thomas Bell, Thomas Quackin son of Thomas Quackin  .. as followeth

.. amounteth to £10/7/- ten pounds seven shillings

Note that in this inventory half the plough which is due to the wife is prised and not belong to the inventory but to the wife and also a young horse left to his son and heir legacied the price of the horse and also hath plough 43s 6d which is the wife's right

Cathrin and Ellin Ilvea sworn supervisors in court

Pledges for the forthcoming of this inventory and to secure the office  John Farrant, Thomas Bridson

Ellen Mylrea als Bell doth give her son full consent and doth deliver unto her son Thomas Mylrea so much goods as doth amount to seven pounds twelve shillings and sixpence and pledges for the forthcoming hereof to secure the office sub peno double the value
John Bell & Nicholas Gelling, son of Thomas Gelling
6 Jan 1658 Thomas Mylrea abovesaid hath acknowledged receipt of the aforesaid £7/16/6 and discharge the security above abovesaid Thomas McYlrea
John Norris Reg

John Norris his mark X
Thomas Bridson his mark X


  1. John McYlleriah buried 30th May 1654. The name is one of the most common in Mylrea genealogy
  2. This John Mylrea was the brother of Ffinloe Mcyllrea who died 1650. Ffinloe's daughter Jane specifically identifies John Mylrea as her uncle and Ellin Bell as his wife in her Power of Attorney. Thus, John's parents are Thomas Mylrea and Ales Bell
  3. John Mylrea was married to Ellinor Bell although no record of marriage
  4. Since supervisors are involved, the child Thomas must have been under 14 years which means that John was either the youngest son in the family or married later than his siblings. There might also have been a son named John jnr who died in 1648
  5. Wife Ellin died 1682 and named her children as Thomas and Catherine
  6. Supervisors Cathrin & Ellin - daughters? or daughter & wife?
  7. By the time Ellin died, their son Thomas had a son named Thomas (see Ellin's 1682 will)
  8. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised
  9. For further insights into the Malew Mylreas, please refer to Mylreas in Ballaquaile and Fildraw

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