Will - 1739 (Ballaugh)

Ballaugh 1738
This is affirmed to be the last will of John Mylrea who departed this Life the 22d of January: Anno predicto, having, in perfect mind and memory, committed his soul to God, and body to Christian burial, he disposed of his effects as follows:

He bequeathed to his nephew Thomas Mylrea his part of the crop and team.

To his sister Ellinor 1s 2d.

To his brother Thomas Mylrea 1s 2d.

To his sister Margaret’s children: 1s 2d each.

To his godson the Heir of Aairy Ween his part of the steer which was betwixt them.

To his sister Kathrine 1s 2d. To his sister Jane a firlet of barley.

To the Smith of Jurby’s children two yearlings a he and shee.

To his nephew Jon Mylrea his part of the little heiffer.

To his loving wife his part of the bed in which he lay.

To Joney Mylrea a sheep.

To his two maids a lamb each.

To his nephew Nich Mylrea a vest.

To his cotter Jon Cowley a pair of breeches.

To Kath Corkil his part of the flax and his part of a rug.

To Pat Cain his shoes & stockins.

To Wm Curlet and Wm Xtian the witnesses hereof 1s 2d each.

And nominated and constituted his foresaid nephew and heir Tho Mylrea sole executor of all the residue of his goods moveable and immoveable.

Testes William Christian his X, Wm Curlett ] jurati

The executor is sworn in Court and gave pledges, the witnesses of the will.

Probatum est & solvit

At KK Michael June 30th 1739 The widow and the executor sworn to be just in the division of the goods the one to the other. By me, Edward Moore

July 9, 1739 Oates Killey enters a claim agt the excr of Jon McYlrea for 10 shills lent money & craves the law

Feb: 15, 1739 Deemster Christian enters a claim for 6s


  1. Ballacooiley
  2. John was the oldest son of Thomas Mylrea & Margaret Craine, born before 1682 (no surviving baptism record although perhaps the unnamed Ballacooiley child baptised 10th October, 1776)
  3. John married Margaret Corkhill in Andreas 1705, and their Marriage Contract passes the Ballacooiley estate to him
  4. John died in 1739, and with no surviving children, the estate then passed to his nephew Thomas, older son of William Mylrea & Catherine Cowle
  5. Sister Margaret (born 1684) predeceased him, leaving six children to whom John’s will provided 1s 2d legacy each
  6. Nephews Thomas, Nicholas and John were surviving sons of William, his brother
  7. John left livestock & grains (mostly) to Mylrea family members; his wife’s 1741 will left a meadow, livestock & grain (mostly) to members of her family
  8. Oates Killey was married to John’s ½ sister, Jane born 1698. She died 1764
  9. Half sisters Katherine & Ellinor were married to Gilbert Cowley & William Clague respectively
  10. The executor, Thomas Mylrea, was the heir at law to Ballacooiley
  11. Joney Mylrea is something of a mystery - logically his mother who was still alive but married to John Curlet
  12. "The heir of Aairy Ween" is also a mystery - a parcel of land named Eirey Ween was listed in Woods Atlas as belonging to a William Cowley of Braddan. A century earlier than Woods, a Thomas Mylrea (husband of Jane Karran) purchased an Intack in Braddan- Eirey Louen- in 1749 from Thomas Cubbon, and later sold it to William Corlett

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