JOHN MYLREA jnr 1757 Malew

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of John Mylrea of Castletown cooper made the 19th February 1757. He committed his soul to God and body to Christian burial. He devised and bequeathed to his loving wife Elizabeth Mylrea half of his dwelling house in Castletown the other half being her own propert.y. He left half of all his goods and effects to his children. He constituted appointed and affirmed his wife Elizabeth Mylrea executor of his will and guardian and supervisor of his children.

Witnesses Mary Bridsen X, Margery Callow X ] jurati

At a Consistatory Court held at Castletown October 28th 1757 The executor is sworn to bring to the Registry a perfect inventory of the goods of her deceased husband and hath the tuition of the children and their goods committed to her pursuant to the will of the testator to which end as also for payment of debts and legacies she has given pledges namely Charles Wattleworth and John Cannell.


Probatum est 12d

Robert Radcliffe

A true inventory of the whole goods of John Mylrea deceased which prized by four sworn men whose names are hereafter submitted In the workhouse (list of goods & valuation presumably where he practiced his trade as a cooper) In the kitchen (list of goods & valuation) And this we give for our return in the premises this 7th March 1757 John Quayle, Robert Clark X, Robert Clague X, Thomas Cowley

An amount of funeral charges (list of goods & costs)


  1. Fildraw beg
  2. Third son of Thomas McYlrea & Jony Kinley born 1721
  3. The main beneficiary of his younger brother Charles's 1740 will and his mother's 1741 will
  4. John jnr married to Isabel/Elizabeth Caroon 1746, Malew
  5. Children: Sarah (1747), John (1749), Kath (1751), Thomas (1754). Castletown List of Householders c1757 shows two boys and two girls in family and that the family had 1 servant
  6. Older brother of John snr who died 1746. Three of the four sons of Thomas & Jony died young - Charles in his teens and the two Johns in their 30s
  7. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised

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