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This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of John Mylrea of Peeltown this second day of November 1812 He bequeathed unto his son John Mylrea the sum of thirty pounds British and his watch when he would come to age to take care of it and Lastly he left his loving wife Catherine Mylrea als Quilliam sole executor of all the rest of his goods of whatever kind they be and to pay all his just debts and legacies and debarred and excluded any other person or persons with sixpence legacy who should sue to the contrary thereof this the second of May one thousand eight hundred and twelve

Witnesses present Elinor Corjag my X, Isabel Quayle my X ] jurati

At a Chapter Court holden Mullin e clie 5th June 1815 Notwithstanding this will having been proved by but one witness yet no objection being offered the Eexecutrix is sworn in Court in form of law as also guardian and supervisor of the children under age and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely Matthew Oates and William Kneale both of Peeltown

Probatum est

Thomas Cubbon


  1. John Mylrea married Cathrine Quilliam in Patrick in 1801, so presumably born 1770-1775
  2. Son John born in Peel in 1802; no record of other children and John was only 6 when his father died
  3. Catherine als Quilliam might be the Catherine aged 71 buried in Patrick in 1843 so born 1772ish
  4. Matthew Oates (mentioned in will) was the husband of Ann Mylrea, daughter of Nicholas Mylrea snr & Joney Cowin of Ballaugh but there is no apparent link between John Mylrea and the Ballaugh Mylrea clan
  5. Son John b1802 married Esther Carine 1840 in Rushen; son James born 1841 in that parish
  6. John b1802 was a cooper which suggests a connection with the coopering Mylreas in Castletown ie. John Mylrea snr m Mary Kelly (c1740) and his brother John Mylrea jnr m Isabel Caroon (1746). No known link between this Castletown family & John & James Mylrea. Alternatively, the coopering family of John Mylrea & Ann Howland of Ramsey. THAT John would have been the uncle of Matthew Oates
  7. 1861 Census: son James a cooper with his father, although later he became a master mariner
  8. Esther Mylrea als Carine died 1868
  9. 1871 Census: John Mylrea aged 63, cooper. No sign of his son James
  10. April 1878 John Mylrea died, Rushen, aged 77 "The Brewery" - was his coopering for liquour barrels?
  11. December 1878 James Mylrea married Elizabeth Davies (born 1844, Cheshire) in Rushen. She died 1894
  12. 1896, James Mylrea, aged 50, widower, married Elizabeth Rowley in Liverpool. He was a boarding house keeper (Bay View House) in Port Erin
  13. James died 1904, Elizabeth Mylrea als Rowley died 1905

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