JOHN MYLREA 1814 Will Ballaugh

originally submitted by Shirley C. Hogensen to Brian Lawson


The humble petition of John Corlett of Ballaugh.

Sheweth That John Mylrea of Ballacooilley in Ballaugh departed this life on or about the 25th of October now last part. And having sometime previous to his decease made his will nominated and appointed your petitioner wife namely Anne Corlett otherwise Mylrea sole and whole executrix thereof.

That some of the goods and effect of the deceadent are in perishable and wasting condition and requires immediate care and attention to which care and attention your petitioner has been well advised he cannot legally proceed until the said will is proved and your petitioner sworn executor thereof.

He therefore humbly prays for a speedy hearing of this petition.

The will of said deceadent may be ordered to come on to be proved before your Reverence and your petitioner sworn as executor thereof whereby he can be enabled to proceed to the care and management of the goods and effects of the said John Mylrea

And your petition will pray etc etc

Ordered that this petition do come on to be heard at Ballagane in K Marown on Friday the 11th instant whereof all proper parties and persons are to have due notice.

Given this 1st Nov 1814

T. Stephens


  1. Ballacooiley
  2. Son of Thomas Mylrea & Isabel Killip, born 1738
  3. Father died when John was 6 years old. His mother remarried and she, together with his uncle, Nicholas Mylrea snr, guided John into the stewardship of Ballacooiley
  4. When John's father Thomas died, he left his widow with two young children and mortgages worth over £50 plus interest
  5. John's uncle, Nicholas snr, was probably the guiding influence for John as a boy. Nicholas snr had helped him mortgage part of Ballacooiley when John was 14 years old, most likely to consolidate the debts incurred by his father
  6. After Thomas's death, Isabel Mylrea als Killip married William Caine 1746
  7. John married Jane Clark in 1758, when he was 20 years of age. They had 12 children: John (b1759) married Ellinor Corlett (and would become the next steward of Ballacooiley), Daniel (b1761) & Mary Hughes, Isabel (b1763) & Patrick Cowley, Jane (b1765) & James Corlett, Margaret (b1767) & Thomas Corlett, Ellinor (b1774) & John Caley, Ann (b1776) & John Corlett, Thomas (b1781) & Ann Cannon?; Thomas (b1769) & Mary (b1772) died of smallpox within days of each other in 1773, William (b1771), & Thomas (b1779) died in infancy
  8. Wife Jane died 1803
  9. John's 1777 purchase of the North Flatt lands proved to be an unsound financial decision and led to several mortgages and sales in the ensuing 5 years, including the disposal of North Flatt. John paid off his final mortgage in 1802, twenty years after he had originally taken it out
  10. Oldest son John succeeded to Ballacooiley on death of father
  11. What second son Daniel (b1761) did with his life is not known but he and Mary had eight children in Ballaugh. As a teenager, the boy was left a small legacy by his grandfather, Daniel Clark "to put him to some honest trade"
  12. The third surviving son named Thomas, baptised in 1781, was most likely the fellow who married Ann Cannon in Braddan, and worked as a gardener/labourer
  13. John was 76 when he died, and Ballacooiley was transmitted to his son, John jnr, who was by then 55 years of age
  14. In 1868, Ballacooiley was lost forever when the oldest son of John jnr, Thomas, was drowning in debt and the bank stepped in and sold the estate

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1759-3 E CLARKE Isabel CRYE d 8 jun 1759; dau Margt, Jane (w/o John Mylrea had dowry)

1815-2 E CORLETT Anne MYLREA d sep 1815; ch John + Jane jt admrs - ua - uncle (mo's side) John Caly supv; husb John (shoemaker) sworn

1823-2 E CORLETT Thomas dated 18 Aug 1822; curraughside Ballaugh;ch Jane (parcel of intack purchased by him from Cath Kneale (widow David Kneale) [NSS May 1800 #9]); wife Margt als Mylrea exec (+ all other purchased land)

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