JOHN MYLREA 1846 Will Ballaugh

originally submitted by Shirley C. Hogensen to Brian Lawson


In the name of God Amen, I John Mylrea of Ballacooiley in the parish of Ballaugh being of a sound disposing mind memory and understanding declare and publish this my last will and testament in the following manner and form viz:

First I commend my soul to God and my body to a Christian burial.

I leave and bequeath unto my two daughters Jane Rodgers and Elinor Cannon each the sum of ten shillings as legacy.

I leave and bequeath unto my son Thomas Mylrea my watch and the sum of two shillings and six pence as legacy.

I leave and bequeath unto my son James Mylrea the sum of five shillings as legacy.

I leave and bequeath unto my two daughters Elizabeth Mylrea and Ann Mylrea each the sum of forty pounds to be paid them after the decease of my wife Eleanor Mylrea hereby reserving the interest of the above sums for her during her life time and it is to be understood that the legacies last named includes the legacies bequeathed to my said children by their grandmother Mary Corlett which said legacies bequeathed to them by their grandmother is to be considered and to be taken as part payment with legacies bequeathed by me as above.

I leave and bequeath unto my wife Eleanor Mylrea my right to our clock.

I leave and bequeath the sum of two shillings and six pence each to any person or persons who may be lawfully entitled to participate in any part of my goods and effects and not herein before provided for.

Lastly I leave and bequeath the rest and remainder of all my goods and effects monies and credits of whatever kind nature or descriptions to my aforesaid well beloved wife Elinor Mylrea who I also nominate constitute ordain and appoint whole and sole executrix of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and mark this the 13th day of November 1843. John Mylrea his x mark

Witnesses present: John Craine Wm Kelly

At a Chapter Court d at KK Michael 29 Oct 1846. The executor is sworn in court in form of law and hath given pledges for the payment of debts and legacies namely John Craine and William Kelly both of the Dollagh in the parish of Ballaugh.

Probatum est

T. A. Corlett.

Whereas the Ecclesiastical Court of this Diocese hath this day granted probate of the last will and testament of John Mylrea late of Ballaugh decease to Ellinor Mylrea the executrix in the said will named. And whereas John Crain of the Dollagh in the Parish of Ballaugh and Wm Kelly of the same in the said Parish of Ballaugh have agreed to become pledges to the said Ellinor Mylrea. Therefore, know all men by these presents, that we, the said John Crain and Wm Kelly, hereby bind and oblige ourselves, and our executors, and administrators, as pledges to the said Ellinor Mylrea for the due and faithful Administration of the Goods and Effects of said deceased, according to Law. Witness our subscriptions this 29th day of Oct 1846. John Craine and Wm Kelly


  1. Son of John Mylrea & Jane Clark, born 1759. He was 86 when he died, and had been the steward of Ballacooiley since his father's death in 1814
  2. Married Ellinor Corlett in 1801, nine children - Jane (b1802, married John Rogers), Ellinor (b1804 married John Cannon), Margaret (b1806, married Daniel Cowley), Thomas (1807, married Ann Quayle), Elizabeth (b1809, married John Morrison), William (b1811-1835), Charlotte (b1813-1836), Ann (b1816-1854), Philip James (b1818)
  3. Ellinor's father, John Corlett, left funds to Ellinor when he died 1804. She might have been an only child
  4. Daughter Margaret and her husband Daniel Cowley migrated to Australia in 1838 where both soon died. No record of children
  5. My hypothesis is that youngest son Philip James Mylrea was the bachelor farmer, known as James Mylrea, found in the Hunter Valley region of Australia in 1850 and then taking up land near Tamworth. This man died a batchelor in Nindle in 1906 aged 87
  6. Oldest son Thomas took over Ballacooiley in 1846 when John died, buried 10th June
  7. Thomas was the last in the Mylrea line that began in the 1600s to occupy Ballacooiley. It was so heavily mortgaged under his stewardship that the bank eventually sold it in 1868, and Thomas walked away with about £500 to show for his family's investment over two centuries
  8. Thomas had an illegitimate son, Thomas, with Mary Caley in 1842/3. This boy grew up and went to work in the mines of Barrow in Furness, when Thomas's oldest legitimate son John James also lived and worked

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