JOHN MYLROI 1876 Lonan



Diocese of Sodor & Mann 1876 No 60

At a Chapter Court holden at Douglas on the 27th day of April 1876 It being proved that John Mylroie of Laxey in the parish of Lonan on or about the …… day of February 1876 departed this life intestate

This Court hath decreed John James Mylroi, a son of the intestate, administrator of all and singular the personal estate and effects of the deceased and accordingly he is sworn well and truly to administer the estate and effects of the deceased by paying his just debts and funeral expenses so far forth as the said estate and effects will extend and the law bind him and distributing the residue thereof according to law and to return to the Episcopal Registry of this Diocese a full, true and perfect inventory thereof with an accurate account of his administration thereof when thereunto lawfully required; and to these ends he hath given pledges namely John Kewley of Ballavagher in the parish of Lonan and William Fargher of Cronk e Chule in the parish of Lonan who have entered into and executed the usual Bond in presence of the Court.

Decretum est

R. Jebb.


  1. COLBY - Ballacosney
  2. John Mylroie was the eldest son of James Mylroie jnr and Ann Kewley, and baptised 1826
  3. John married Elleanor Fargher in 1852 and they had 7 children: John James 1853, William Henry 1854, Thomas Arthur 1855, Frederick 1858, Edward George 1861-1861, Richard Fargher 1864-1884 & Elleanor Ann 1865
  4. John's father, James snr, had settled Ballacosney onto John in 1853, the year after he married Elleanor
  5. In 1876 John died, leaving his son 23 year old son, John James, as heir at law
  6. Unfortunately, John had left the estate deeply in debt for he had taken several mortgages over the period 1853-1874
  7. John Isaac Mylroie, the only son of John James, would eventually sell the estate in 1908 and Ballacosney was gone from the Mylroie family forever

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