JONEY CURLET als McYLREA als CRAIN (Apr) 1738 Ballaugh

The last will and testament of Joney Crain of Ballaugh who departed this life the 13th April 1738 of perfect mind and sound memory at the making thereof:

She committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial.

She bequeathed her riding hood unto her cousin Joney Crain.

Item ..............petticoat to her cousin Alice Crain.

Item ..................... and as much linen as would be sufficient to make a shirt ... her cousin John Crain Item a white blanket to her nephew John Crain.

Item she bequeathed 6d legacy to each son and daughter of Thomas McYlrea and Elizabeth Clague als McYlrea.

Item she bequeathed a petticoat and waistcoat to Joney McYlrea als Corlett one of the witnesses of this her will and one shilling to William Corlett the other witness.

Item she declared the Ffinlo Corlett owed her 9 shillings.

Lastly she constituted, nominated, ordained and appointed her loving daughter Jane wife of Oates Killey sole executor of all the rest of her goods of what nature soever.

Witnesses William Curlett, Joney McYlrea als Corlet ] jurati

Oates Killey husband of Jane the executor is sworn in Court in form of law and gave pledges William Corlett, B Terson, and Phili Corlett.

Probatum est et solvit 12d


  1. Second wife of Thomas Mylrea, Ballacooiley, married about 1685
  2. Children identified in will: Thomas (m Margaret Lewn?) no baptismal record but about 1690, Ellinor (m William Clague) b1689, Jane (m Oates Killey) b1698. Her other two children John and William II predeceased her
  3. She did not have a daughter named Elizabeth (so named in the official Court document) but her daughter Ellinor married a Clague (so did her step-daughter Margaret but she had predeceased her step-mother). Joney left nothing to her step-son, William who inherited Ballacooiley, or her step-daughter Catherine who also predeceased her
  4. The Joney McYlrea als Corlett married a John McYlrea but he was not Joney's oldest son
  5. Best guess is that her son Thomas went to Braddan because (being the third son) he was obliged to make his own way in the world. His ½ sister Margaret married William Clague in 1701 and living there already
  6. Joney remarried after Thomas's death in 1711: John Curlet

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