Will - 1764 (Ballaugh)

Ballaugh October 17 1764

Joney Mylrea als Kinread departed this life on or about the ninth day of this inst October intestate. The Court upon intelligence thereof has decreed her seven children namely Jane, Daniel, Mary, Ellinor, Elizabeth, John and William joint administrators of all her goods and chattels moveable and immoveable whatsoever. William being underage and Elizabeth absent Jane, Daniel, Ellinor and John aforesaid and William Kaighin husband of Mary are sworn are sworn supervisors and have consented to give up their share of the goods unto John Mylrea their father in consideration of his undertaking the role of care, tuition and maintenance of the child under age and also of his assisting the said Elizabeth who by reason of her infirmities is rendered unable wholly to support herself and which the said John Mylrea has undertaken so far forth as he shall be able to do the same whereupon he the said John Mylrea is sworn to bring a perfect inventory to the Registry as also for payment of debts according to law has given pledges namely Daniel Mylrea and William Kaighin aforesaid.

Solvit 3d Decretum est Matthew Curghey

It is agreed upon by John Mylrea of Ballaugh on the one part and his daughter Elizabeth Mylrea on the other that in consideration of two blankets, a ………., a canvass, bolster and a little wheel which he the said John Mylrea obliges to give to his said daughter soon after the date hereof, the said daughter do hereby acquit and discharge her said father from any further demand on account of her proportion of the goods of her mother Joney Mylrea deceased and also of a heifer in which she had a right he the said John Mylrea also discharging his said daughter part of her mother’s debts and for performance hereof the said parties do bind themselves in the penalty of five pounds

As witness their names and marks this 24th of January 1766 Witness Daniel Mylrea his X John Tear John Mylrea his mark X Elizabeth Mylrea her X

KK Michael January 25, 1766 John Mylrea and Elizabeth Mylrea acknowledged the within agreement before me – James Wilks


  1. The first wife of John Mylrea who later married Ellinor Cain in 1765
  2. Joney Mylrea als Kinread was buried 22nd August 1764 (despite what is noted in probate petition)
  3. Parentage of John Mylrea uncertain but he was probably the son of a William Mylrea, and born in 1706 in Ballaugh for which there is a baptismal record. Best guess is that his father William was the son of William Mylrea and Ann Christian born 1667 (so Joney Kinread's husband was their grandson)
  4. Children mentioned in Joney’s will: Jane (1734), Daniel (1738), Mary (1741), Ellin (1744), Elizabeth (1747), William (1752-1765), John 1759
  5. Son William died in 1765. All other children alive when husband John died in 1781
  6. Daughter Mary married William Kaighin in May 1764, not long before her mother died. She married in Patrick and lived in Peel, dying in 1792. She had many children
  7. Ellinor married Thomas Gawn, seems to have had five surviving children, and remained in Ballaugh
  8. Nothing is known with certainty about Jane, Daniel, Elizabeth or John although Jane might have married Philip Radcliffe in 1766 (Ballaugh) and Daniel might have married Ann Keiggeen in 1767 (Rushen)
  9. If Daniel & Mary are indeed siblings, then both left Ballaugh for the southern part of the island as did their father's hypothesised siblings, Edward & Mary
  10. John Mylrea died in 1781 and was the Summoner of Ballaugh

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