Will - Michael (1629)

The p all will of Jony Ineria who depted this life the XX1 of May 1629

Ffirst she did give & bequeathe her Soul to God & her bodie to be buried in Christian mould

It. she left to the poore one bould malte; 1 forlett wheat; 1 forlett of oate meale two sheepe & the rest at ye discrecon of her ex? [runs off page]

It. left to her Daughter Jony 4 s to her 2 Sone_______ [runs off page] & Jho??? a heffer

All ye rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable she left to her eldest Sonn Thom__ [runs off page] Caghin who she ordered her lawful exor

Probatu ________________

Testes Maule Ca___[runs off page] Patr Cor___

Inventories before Lama__ or Legintur? 2 kine, 2 horsses, 6 sheepe, 1 younge steere, ii Cowes, 2 blankets, 1 sheet

The exor__ married & at lawfull yeare witwe? standinge Willm Karrat of KK Mich [runs off page] it become bond __________ ye of__

Sub pena Dubble valew ___ ____ ____


  1. Jony (Inrie) buried May 21 1629 in Michael
  2. Jon Mcylrea buried October 21 1629 in Michael - any connection??
  3. Children Jony, Thomas & John (Kaighan?)
  4. a Ralph Kaighan died in 1630 in Michael leaving his estate to children Jony, Thomas & Hugh - might be the spouse of Jony. A Ralph Kaighan held land in German (Moaney Moar), which was transferred in 1630 to his son Thomas because Ralph had died. In 1595, a John Mylrea lived on Cronkbane, another quarterland in the same treen as Moaney Moar. Ralph first appeared in the German land records in 1604

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