Will - 1637 (Michael)

Michaell June 25, 1637

This is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Jony Ylrea who departed ys life the above written day & yeare.

Imprimis, she committed her soule to god & her body to Xtian burial.

Itm, to the poore at the executr discretion.

Itm, she constituted & ordained her 3 children vid: John, Ellin, & Match Cannell her true & lawful executors jointly & indifferently of all her goods moveable & unmoveable.

Testes: Jony Gouldsmith, Match Cannell, jurati.

Probat et solvit 12d.

Invent, Imprimis 1 cow & heifer

It, her part of 2 horses

It, in sheepe halfe a dosen & her part of 10 sheep

It, in lambes her part of 8 lambes or more if they be found

Itm, her part of the ----- of corve[?], vid: ye 3 part of a quarter

The executors are at lawfull yeares & have bound themselves to keep the office p----lesse subpoena double the value as usu domi:

The Inventorie of all the goods of Joney Lyrea:

Idem one cow ten yeares old praysed to tenn shillings

Idem a haifer of foure yeares old praysed to fourteene shillings

Idem her part of one old horse three shillings & foure penne; Idem seaventy sheepe two muttons and three hogs praysed to seaventeene shillings and ten penne

Idem her part of the household stoofe praysed to eight groats


  1. Children John, Ellin, Match; no definite baptisms for them
  2. Husband Dollin/Daniel Cannell
  3. She was mentioned in the will of Christian Ilerea in 1600 as Christian's sister so there was another sister named Ann and a brother, John. Christian also mentioned half sister, meaning that one of her parents had died and the other remarried
  4. No definite information about Jony's origins but the 1600 will of Christian Ilerea was from Ballaugh
  5. Another Christian Mcylrea died in 1603 in Ballaugh and she was almost certainly the daughter of Raynold & Ellin, nominating siblings that accord with the wills of Raynold & Ellin.

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