Will - 1602 (Ballaugh)

Copied from Joyce Oates' Archdeacon Wills 1600-1618 because it was embedded on p188 of a 755 page .pdf document

The testament of Katherin Quall who depted the 28th of November

Lefte to the poore 1 fyrlt: malte dj firlt: wheate

To her daughter Jonie ij (2) bouls malte or wheate

Itm constituted her husband Jo McYlrea and her chyldren Jonie and Essabell her true and lawfull exec

pbatu est et solvit viijd (8p)

testes Gubbon Cowlea jurati, John Kewishe


  1. Katherin buried 28th November 1602, first name missing in burial register
  2. Husband John Mylrea, with children Jonie & Isabelle - no evidence found as to how this family fits within the broader Ballaugh Mylrea clan

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