KATHERINE COWLEY als McYLREA (Dec) 1738 Ballaugh

Ballaugh 1738

This is affirmed to be the last will of Katherine Cowley als McYlrea who departed this life about the 10th December Anno Predicto being in perfect mind and memory at the making hereof

First she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item she left to Thomas Clague her nephew a blanket and a cravat. Item she left to her brother John McYlrea five shillings. Item she left to her sister Jane her petticoats and coifs and her riding hood to Margaret Cain and to Joney McYlrea a brown .......... petticoat. Also she cut off all such persons who could claim a right to her goods with six pence legacy. And lastly she nominated an appointed her loving husband Gilbert Cowley sole executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and immoveable he having at the same time made his last will and nominated her executrix of his effects in case she should survive him. And she left the witnesses hereof six pence each.

Witnesses Mary Craine her mark X, Mary Bodaugh her mark X ] jurati

The executor is sworn in Court and gave pledges John Tear and William Corlet

Probatum est et solvit 12d

........... 13th 1738 Thomas Clague, John McYlrea’s executor, and Jane McYlrea acknowledged to be paid their respective legacies

William Corlet affirms that Margaret Craine has received her legacy


  1. Older daughter of Thomas Mylrea (Ballacooiley) & Margaret Crain? If so, she was born in 1678
  2. The mention of brother John & sister Jane strongly supports the idea that she was the daughter of Thomas & Margaret, although these two would have been half siblings rather than full
  3. Catherine's father remarried after her mother died in 1684
  4. She was the only child of Thomas not mentioned in his 1711 will
  5. IF from Ballacooiley, younger sister Margaret married William Clague in Braddan and predeceased her, brother William inherited Ballacooiley and predeceased her
  6. IF from Ballacooilley, ½ sister Ellin also married a William Clague so the nephew Thomas Clague could be from either sister’s marriage
  7. Married Gilbert in Onchan in 1721 (she would have been 43 years of age!) and had several children; none mentioned in her will even though they would have been teenaged boys had they survived

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