Will - 1825 (Malew)


The humble petition of John Quayle of Castletown Esq and James John Quirk a minor by R.Cunninghame esq his guardian


That Mrs Lucy Quayle mother of your petitioner John Quayle and grandmother of your petition James John Quirk some time lately departed this life intestate leaving your petitioner her only surviving next of kin

That it is absolutely necessary that administration of her estate hold be forth with obtained and your petitioners being desirous that the same should be granted to person approved of by your petitioners having agreed and do propose Mr Frederick Gelling to be administrator of the said estate for the mutual benefit of your petitioners - he having consented to accept the said administration

That the said estate is under two thousand three hundred pounds British

Wherefore your petitioners pray a hearing of this petition and that administration be granted to the said Frederick L. Gelling of the said estate in form of Law and your petitioners will pray

John Quayle and Robt Cunninghame as guardian

Ordered that this petition do come on to be heard at a court to be holden at Douglas on Friday the 15 October 1814 whereof all parties are to have due notice. Given this 14th October 1824. Will Roper

At a Court holden in Douglas the 15th of October 1824

Frederick L. Gelling in this petition named is sworn well and truly to administer the estate of Lucy Quayle deceased to pay all her just debts and funeral expenses so far forth as her goods will extend and the law bind him and to return a full true and perfect inventory of the said deceadents goods and effects and of his proceeding in the premises into the Episcopal Registry of this Isle when thereto lawfully required and to these ends Thomas Gelling of Douglas and Robert Cunninghame Esq of Castletown have entered into a bond unto the Lord Bishop and his successors in the penalty sum of four thousand six hundred pounds British. Will Roper

John Quayle Esquire maketh oath on the Holy Evangelists that he has caused a calculation on to be made of his late motherĀ¹s Mrs Lucy Quayle's estate and that the same is under the sum of two thousand three hundred pounds British as he believes

Witness his subscription this 15th Oct 1824

John Quayle

Sworn before me: Robert Kelly


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General; and once possessors of the Dollough estate
  2. Lucy was the older daughter of Rev William Mylrea & Ellinor Gell, born 1756 in Ballaugh
  3. She married John Quayle of Castletown in 1783. John was the brother of Robert, who married Lucy's younger sister Catherine
  4. She was buried 13/6/1824 in Castletown

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