MALLIE (MARY) KARRAN als McYLREA Will 1663 Ballaugh

Copied from Joyce Oates's Archdeacon Wills 1660-1664 because it was embedded on p299 of a 620 page .pdf document


This is affirmed by the oaths of the subscribed wittnesses to be the last will and testamt: of Mallie Inerea who depted this liffe the 3 of ffebr 1663.

ffirst she comitted her soule to God and her bodie to Christian buriall,

It: she left to the poor 18d,

It: she left unto her son James Karran haulf a heffer in his owne hand and 6d legasie;

It: she left to Margrett Karran a waistcoat and one of her petticoats wch she did ware evrie day,

It: she left to Heary Jeck a shut of cloath,

It: she constituted and ordained her son John Corran exec of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable

Testes John Krenilt } iurati Tho: Corlett }

Invent taken by the Sumnr and 4 sworne men, all being prized amounts to £3 2s the exec at Lawfull yeares and the goods in his owne hands

Jo: Teare pledge to discharge all things according to law & to keep ye office harmless

Phillip Killipe entereth his claime against ye execr of Mally Inerea for 4 boules & a fir: of meale, & 15s in money due dept as hee will make to appeare and craveth tryall accordinge to law:

Mar the 23d 1663 I pray you remember to procure two Chaldron of Coales entred the 1661 aboard the Elizabeth of = ew Bromfeild Mr for the Isle are to send six pence to cleare ur bond Certificate be dated within three ----e the date of the entry abovesayd ----- [torn] ----- ------ bone within ----- [torn] ----- ------bate over ----- [torn] ----- ------ turne of ----- [torn] ----- ------ damage Archdeacon


  1. No marriage record found, nor of baptism of children James and John
  2. Mallie Inerea buried 3rd February 1663
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