[transcribed by Michael Bridson & provided to Brian Lawson]

The Inventorie of Margaret Marillrea wife unto Henrie Bridson wh depted this life the 22th. Decmber 1643 the pricers were sworn by the Court wch is Shuen(?) Bell John Dubban Tho: Bell Henrie Taggart Invent of Margtt Mylriah

In primis half a ox - xs an oxe of 5 years ould - xvs half a cow of 5 years ould - vjs hald a oxe of 8 yeares ould - vjs half a cow of 9 years ould - vijs vjd half a heifer 2s vjd a quarter of a bullockt - xvd halfe a horse of 9 yeares ould - 7s a quarte. of an ould maire - 2s an quarter of 2 swine - xvd half of smale wodden vessels linens flaxt [hurds] hempe - vjs vd on [fledy]and a blankett - viijs -on coate and half a wascoat - 4s 3d half of Brichis and half a girkin - 9d half a ould sacke - 2d on quarter of a [come?] vd 2 sheep and a halfe - xxjd - on wheele wch is for corbs to the child wch her Aut Issabell marillrea doth keepe for the child and priced to xijd The whole sum is 3l xixs ixd

The debts wh are to be deducted out of this Inventorie is xxxviijs [ ] Stoell & Gilb quale [ ] in form of law Note.

[The hyphens are in the text and do not represent missing words.]

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