[originally submitted by Joyce M. Oates to Brian Lawson]

Ballaugh 1768

This is affirmed by the subscribing witnesses to be the last will and testament of MARGRET CHRISTIAN ALS MYLREA, WIDOW OF EWAN CHRISTIAN, who departed this life about the 13th of January anno predicto being in perfect mind and memory at the making hereof. Having repeated the Creed and Lord's Prayer, she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial.

She bequeathed to her DAUGHTER MARGRET CHRISTIAN half of the bed ticking, a fledge, blanket, half of the cupboard, half of the griddle, and half of the big Pot.

To her DAUGHTER ISABEL a russet gown, & the chest in her custody.

To her DAUGHTER KATHERINE a little petticoat and to her GRANDAUGHTR KATH CREER a little waistcoat of linsey woolsey.

To her DAUGHTER ALICE a little wheel and five shillings.

To her DAUGHTER ANNE a shift, a petticoat and five shillings.

To her SON PHILIP two shirts of the tow cloth, a blanket, breeches of the russet and five shillings.

To her BROTHER WM MYLREA a pair of breeches of the russet.

And to JONEY CRAIN ALS STEPHEN a check handkerchief.

And nominated and constituted her DAUGHTER ESTHER CHRISTIAN sole executrix of all the rest of her goods excepting one shilling each she left to the witnesses hereof.

Witnesses: Wm Kewley,


  1. Married Ewan Christian 4th February 1727, Ballaugh
  2. Best guess is that Margaret was the grand daughter of William Mylrea & Ann Christian, through their son William who was born 1667
  3. The most likely candidate for her mother is Ellinor Quayle who was married to an unspecified Mylrea but a William (1701), a Margaret (1703), a John (1706) were recorded born to a William Mylrea in Ballaugh which tends to suggest (but not confirm) Margaret's parentage
  4. There were other children in this Mylrea family but a brother William was specifically mentioned in Margaret's will
  5. Ewan Christian died 12th April, 1761 in Ballaugh
  6. Children named in Margaret's will: Margaret, Isabel, Katherine, Alice, Ann, Esther, Philip
  7. Birth records for Margaret b1727-???, Margaret 1734, Esther b1734, Catherine b1736 Alice b1739, Ann b1745; also Daniel b1729-1729, Robert b1730-1730, John b1741. No evidence for Philip or Isabel
  8. Firstborn daughter Margaret was the illegitimate daughter of Ewan Christian & Margaret McYlrea
  9. Brother William to whom Margaret referred might be the William Mylrea who married Jane Tear in July 1727. This William Mylrea was alive at the time of Margaret Christian's death (as were the other putative brothers)
  10. Three Margaret Christian als Mylrea - died 1685 (Bride), 1731 (Bride), 1768 (Ballaugh)

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