Will - 1741 (Ballaugh)

The last will and testament of Margaret McYlrea als Corkill of Ballaugh who departed this life the 26th day of February 1741 being of perfect mind and sound memory at the making hereof. First, she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial.

2ndly, she bequeathed on tub of barley, one tub of placket, and two kishens of rye to her cousin William Corkill; two kishens of rye to Oates Killey; two kishens of either rye or barley to Paul Corkill; and one kishen to James Corkill.

3rdly, she bequeathed a sheep, a sheet and a piece of blue camlet in the house to her nephew William Cowley, with a sheep and the rug now on the bed to his sister Mary Cowley, and one sheep apiece to the other two brothers of said William and Mary.

4thly, she left a new camlet petticoat to her niece Catharine Kneal.

5thly, she left the kemper cloth in the house to her niece Catharine Lace als Corkill with a sheep to said Cathrine’s daughter being her own goddaughter.

6thly, she left a heifer of 2 year old to the wife and daughter of William Skeally with an old cadow to the said Skeally’s wife, and the little wheel to his said daughter.

7thly, she bequeathed her part of the crop, by her called the Executor's Crop to Thomas McYlrea and her executors to be free from further sowing.

Item, she left a sheep apiece to each the son & daughter of the said Thomas McYlrea with her part to the boy.

8thly, she left three pound of twisted yarn to her sister in law Hesther Corkill and to her niece Mary Corkill equally betwixt them, with the bed whereon she now lieth to her said niece Mary Corkill.

9thly, she bequeathed her hay meadow called Close e wellan to her brother John Corkill, and her riding hood to her said brother’s wife.

10thly, she left a sheep unto Margaret Corkill daughter to Paul a sheep or yearling unto David Corkill, & a young keir mutton unto John McYlrea. 11thly, she left a wooden platter with 2 or 3 noggins to Mary Stephan. She declared that she owed twelve shillings unto Dan: Corkill about; 3 shillings to the Rector, 4 shillings to Thomas Corlett, and 11 shillings to Robert Quay.

Item, she declared that Thomas McYlrea owed her 18 pence, Phinlo Quayle 9 shillings; Thomas Boddaugh 9 shillings; & Cath Gawn 1 shilling, which she remitted unto the said Cath Gawn.

12thly, she left 1 shilling to each the witnesses of this will and appointed them to see her executor would not spare decent expenses towards her funeral.

Lastly, she nominated, ordained, and appointed her foresaid brother John Corkill sole executor of all the rest of her goods to what nature soever, etc.

Witnesses John Stephan, John Bridson

The Executor is sworn in Court in form of law and has given pledges for payment of the debts and legacies viz. Thomas Boddaugh & William Corlet both of Ballaugh. The executors having sold some of the goods at Cant [public auction] without authority and is liable to the payment of the legacies etc


  1. Husband John from Ballacooiley, was the oldest son of Thomas (and Margaret Craine) and born between 1676 & 1681
  2. They married in Andreas in 1705 but with no surviving issue
  3. Husband died January 1739, & the estate went to John's oldest nephew, Thomas, son of William Mylrea
  4. Had assets of her own (a meadow & livestock), which she left largely to her side of the family
  5. Oats Killey was the husband of Jane, husband's younger ½ sister
  6. The son & daughter of Thomas must have been the children of husband's nephew, Thomas, who was now the heir-at-law

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