MARGARET CAIN als Gelling, Mcylrea, Kinish

Will - 1736 (Douglas)

Douglas Oct 20, 1736

Margaret Cain als Kinish departed this life about the 24 of August last intestate whereupon the Court has decreed her children viz. Jo & Ann McYlrea, Jane, Paul & Esther Gellin, with Hugh Cain joint administrators of all her goods and chattels whatsoever. Jo McYlrea being abroad 19 years, the rest are sworn in Court and gave pledges in form of law.

Christopher Calow & William Garrett

Solvit = 3/4

Decretu est

Joh Woods, Joh Cosnahan

The Inventory within a month Douglas 1736

An inventory of the effects of Margaret Cain of Douglas who departed this life about 11th August 1736 as they are appraised by us four sworn men with the effects of Daniel Cain her husband included is as follows:

[Inventory – not transcribed]

Praizers: Thomas Mylera my mark X Thomas Moor Christopher Callow my mark X William Kelly my mark X ….

This is the whole inventory between the deceased and her husband, Daniel Cain

Whole legacy is = 5d


  1. Margaret Kinish married William MACYLEREA February, 1690 in Braddan. After William died in 1699, Margaret Kenish married a Patrick GELLING in June, 1700 in Braddan. She was married three times although no record of the third marriage to Daniel CAIN
  2. Children with William Macylerea: John (1691), Margaret (1693), Ellin (1695), Ann (169*) although only John and Ann alive by the time Margaret died
  3. Children with Pat Gelling: Jane (1700), Paul (1703), Hester (1706), Elizabeth (1708)
  4. Patrick Gelling died 1708, mentioning 3 step-children and his own including Elizabeth who had died by the time Margaret had died (maybe 1728?). Also one more of William’s children had survived until 1708 (Margaret or Ellin) but died by the time their mother Margaret had died
  5. Will of daughter Ann McYlrea who died in 1738 nominates her brother Paul and sisters Jane and Esther Gelling; also brother Hugh Cain. Hugh was the son of Daniel Cain, and born before Daniel’s marriage to Margaret, widow of William Maclereah
  6. The “praizer” of Margaret’s inventory named Thomas McYlrea might be a relative of her first husband, William, who died in 1699. Could he be the same Thomas Mylrea who was a signatory to the Court papers associated with the will of Margaret Mylrea als Clague who died 1724 in Braddan?
  7. 1708 A 47 GELLING Patrick dated 6 sep 1708; 3 unnamed stepch; 4 own ch Paul, Jane, Esther + Elizth all ua uncle Robt Nowele; wife alive
  8. 1744-3 E CAINE Hugh - departed island 10 yrs ago no certain acct; s/o Daniel Caine late Douglas; father left him certain houses etc which in case of his non-return pass to relations Esther Gelling (w/o John) + Cath Kneal als Caine - they to pay £4 to his kinsman Thos Caine, Ballaugh
  9. 1748 Esther Gelling's will: married to John Gelling in 1743, two children Margaret (1743) & Charles (1747)
  10. William Mylrea born in Michael, died in Braddan, had no grandchildren from his marriage to Margaret Kinish.


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