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I the within named Margt. Mcylrea being at this time weak in body but of good and perfect mind and memory, and willing and dexxx to pxxxx and take away all differences and disputes which might hereafter happen betwixt my children for and concerning what other goods and effects I have or will die possessed of at the time of my death, which are not already mentioned or included in the before going Deed of Gift or settlement. I do therefore hereby declare that my said son Dan Mcylrea junior shall possess and xxx all my part of the said goods and effects of what kind or nature soever they be, not before mentioned solely and wholly after my decease. And I do likewise declare that the four pounds yet bexxxx of my daughter Ann Christian’s portion be forthwith satisfied and paid, and no part thereof be charged on my executor hereafter mentioned, which my husband Deemster Mcylrea hath promised to do out of the money now remaining in the house. I also give and bequeath (with the consent of my said husband) unto my own two grandchildren Margaret and Mary Christian one heifer apiece, viz those 2 heifers that were bulled this last summer. And lastly do nominate and appoint my said son Dan Mcylrea my sole executor of all my part of goods moveable and unmovable whatsoever. As witness my mark put to my name the 2nd day of December anno Domini 1712.

Note: she left her wearing clothes and apparel to her daughter Ann Christian. Margt. Mcylrea her mark X

Witnesses: John Parr, Robert Parr, William Corlett

The Executor sworn in form of law & has given pledges to secure the Office etc, the Revd. Mr. Robert Parr & Mr. Thomas Corlett General Sumner


  1. Dollough
  2. Daughter of Sir Robert Parr (Vicar of Malew 1633-1640, Rector of Ballaugh 1646-1673, Vicar General 1646) and wife of Daniel Mylrea (Attorney General 1690-1695, Deemster 1693-1724)
  3. Margaret had been married previously to Jon Curlett – three sons, two (Thomas & William) surviving when she died; third son Robert died in Barbados 1707
  4. Her second husband, Daniel, was the oldest surviving son of William Mcylrea & Ann Christian, land holders of Ballaugh. William was also parish Captain
  5. Margaret was considerably older than Daniel (about 12 years), and was in fact, the sister of Daniel Mylrea's mother's sister-in-law
  6. Daniel & Margaret had four children: William (1682), Daniel (1684), Margaret (1686), Ann (1687?); only two surviving when Margaret died – Daniel & Ann
  7. In 1682, another William Mylrea was born in Ballaugh, the son of Thomas Mylrea & Margaret Craine of Ballacooiley. This boy grew up to inherit Ballacooiley while the son of Daniel & Margaret, mentioned in the wills of both parents, must have died although several online family trees confuse the two

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From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1678-2 e 324 CORLETT Jo dated 16 Jun 1678;3 firlets of meal to poor of Ballaugh + 1 boule corn to poor of douglas to be given them at ye cross of Douglas'; wife Margt als Parr; sibs Wm; uncle John Corlett; ch Thos (eldest son), Wm + Ro jt exors;? if wife pregnant; his uncles Wm + Tho Corlett to be supvs of ch; then follows a latin decree dated 8 Jul 1678: Wm Corlett Ballaterson + Tho Corlett Broughjeag appt supvs - there is a note that the reason these two appointed is that the next of kindred are poor and cannot secure the tuition of the children - 12 Apr 1679: note by Bishop that Thomas + Wm very refractory - threatens with prison and 'William Gell keeper of my prison is also required not to suffer them to stir out of the same till the yield all due obedience' - noted that Margt Curlet complainant many and long vexations since June last - neither would yield to persuasion my keeper further required to demand all due fees etc'. another Latin obligation + english note gives John Curlet Ballacuigy (BallaKeoig in inv]decd - inv £26 + £58 in monies;1688: Thos acks from mother Margt Mcylrea w/o Daniel Mcylrea;1693: Robt Curlet acks - also Wm Curlet acks 1687 Last updated: Mar 2014