MARGARET McYLERAN als TEAR Will 1702 Michael


The last will & testament of Margrett McYleran alias Tear who departed this life 18th May 1702 in perfect memory ... in manner and form following:

First She committed her soul to God Almighty and her body to Christian burial

Item She left and bequeathed to Ellinor Skellay a black petticoat as legacy

Item She left to Ann Kelly her holy days sleeves legacy

Item she left to Ann Tear, her daughter Ann, a holy day wescoat

Item She left to Richard Tear .... would be a pair of breeches and her share of a heiffer of 2 years old as legacy and an old blanket that was wearing in the house to his wife as legacy

Item She left to her husband Thomas Mcyleran a mare that was due on her own share legacy

Item She left her share of all the gear, belonging to the dam or blue to her daughter Margrett legacy

Item She left likewise to her daughter Margrett all that she had of lands with her own

Item She left to her daughter Katherine all her share of the lands that came by her husband legacy

Item She left that in case her eldest daughter Margrett should fall upon the younger daughter for the lands that is left to her, then the older daughter is to give unto the younger daughter 30 pounds of money

Item She left that her husband was to enjoy all of the land till the younger daughter came to be 21 years and if they died without issue he was to have all the land himself and all the goods

Item She nominated and appointed her two daughters Margrett and Katherine sole executors of all of her goods whatsoever

Item she nominated Thomas Tear and John Mcyleran supervisors of her foresaid daughters

[damaged - large section at end missing]

Item ....................... the said Thomas Tear a daymoth of hay ......................... should die without issue

Item she left ..............................

Witnesses Robert Kewn his mark x, Phil Creen his mark x

inv £10 2s


  1. No marriage record found
  2. Margaret Tear wife of Tho buried 26th May Jurby; Isabel Mcylrean, daughter of Tho buried 28th March Jurby - mother and daughter?
  3. Baptism records for children? Margaret?, Kath (Mcylraan) baptised 1695, Jon b1698 (d 1698), Isabel b1700 (d1702)
  4. Could her husband have been Thomas Mylrea, son of William Mylrea + Ann Christian, b1662 in Ballaugh? He was alive when they died because they mention him in their wills in 1692 & 1693. However, Ann's will mentions Thomas, daughters & son Thomas (not identified in Margaret's 1702 will but might have been taken care of separately - although lands going to daughters would suggest otherwise)
  5. Alternatively, there were other Mylrea men (William m Isabel Kelly, William m Margaret Clark, John) being married in Jurby in the 1680s who might have been brothers from another Mylrea family altogether
  6. Perhaps Margaret's husband was the Thomas Mylrea who died 1739, Jurby? No evidence that he had a will
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