Will - 1728 (Rushen)

This is affirmed to be the last Will and Testament of Marjery Gawn als Mcylrea who departed this life about the 20th of September last being of sound mind and perfect memory at the making thereof.

First she commended her soul to God and her body to Christian burial.

She willed and disposed of her worldly effects as hereafter followeth

First she left and bequeath to her only child all her effects, if he lived to enjoy them and if it pleased God to call for him before he came to years of discretion, then the whole effects to go equally betwixt her husband & mother Marg Mcylrea, provided her husband would continue to live with & assist her mother as heretofore, otherwise she left and bequeathed to her husband only her part of the boat and nets as a legacy

She also left and bequeathed each of her next relations that could claim any right or like to her effects, in case of her child’s death as aforesaid six pence apiece legacy, therewith debarring them from having any further proportion of aforesaid

To Margt Corrin of Bol-o-ley she left a black serge Petticoat and three shillings in money

To Elizabeth Corrin the yellow clothes she had then upon her, and also her own part of the money which she Elizabeth owed her

To Mary Corrin daughter of the Elizabeth she left as much of the stuff which she then had in the house of her own making, as would be a coat for her

To jane Quirk als Huddleston she bequeathed some of her linnen

To the forenamed Elizabeth Corrin she willed also some of her linnen

Lastly she made and constituted her only child sole executor of all other her effects moveable and immoveable and the tuition of the child and good she left to her own mother

Witnesses present

Margaret Corrin

Elizabeth Corrin


The child vizt Wm Gawn, being under age, the Grandmother is sworn in form of Law and according to the Will & gave Pledges, John Cain And Wm Quackin


  1. Margery Gawn als Mcylrea was the daughter of Thomas McYlrea who married Margaret Waterson, Malew, 1702
  2. Margery died four years after her marriage, having had two chidren, William 1725 & Margaret 1727
  3. Margery's mother Margaret McYlrea als Waterson had assets to bring to Margery's marriage contract whereas Henry Gawne contributed little
  4. Margaret McYlrea als Waterson died in Rushen 1745
  5. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised

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