Will - 1759 (Malew)

KK Malew 30th October 1759
Mary Clague als Mylrea departed this life on or about the 10th day of August last intestate. The Court upon intelligence thereof hath decreed her four children namely Margaret, Thomas, John & Ann Clague joint administrators of all her goods & chattels moveable and immoveable whatsoever who, being all underage, the uncles namely Edward, William, John & Thomas Mylrea are sworn supervisors and by their consent the deceased’s part of the children and their goods are committed to the tuition of their father Edward Clague who has undertaken the same – and John Clague the grandfather having in Court obliged himself to give unto the orphans aforesaid the sum of twenty shills and Edward Clague the father also obliging himself to pay unto said orphans the further sum of twenty shills the supervisors beforementioned declared by virtue of their oaths that they having viewed the goods of the deceased are satisfied that the aforesaid sums being paid unto the orphans debt free and debtless as they severally come to age to which the grandfather and father respectively oblige themselves will be more to their advantage than if the goods were valued & inventoried in usual manner and therefore agree that the said sum of forty shills shall be deemed as the clear inventory of the deceased whereupon Edward Clague aforesaid is sworn for payment of debts and hath given pledges in form of law namely John Clague his father & John Clague his brother

Decretum est Robert Radcliffe, Matthew Curghey Solvit 3d


  1. Mary Mylrea married Edward Clague in Malew in April 1746. He was born 1719 in Malew
  2. She was the daughter of Ellinor Mylrea als Quayle who died 1733 in Ballaugh. Father might have been William Mylrea, third son of William Mylrea & Ann Christian
  3. Her four brothers’ named in her (and Ellinor's) will were probably: Edward (married Alice Quayle), William (married Jane Tear), John (married Kinread, Ellinor Cain) & Thomas (married Jane Karran)
  4. Mary died days after the birth of daughter, Ann. Children: Margaret 1746, Thomas & Robert 1751, John 1756, Ann 1759
  5. Her son Robert had died 1752
  6. Husband Edward probably died in 1787, not leaving a will

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