Will - 1761 (Douglas)

In the name of God amen

I Mary Higgins als Hault, wife of Philip Higgins of Douglas being at this time well in body and sound in mind and memory considering the many uncertainties of this life do make this my last will and testament

Iprimus I leave and bequeath my soul to God and body to Christian burial

Item I leave and bequeath my step-daughter Mary Higgins one guinea

Item I leave and bequeath my daughter Jane one guinea and all my wearing apparel

And to all persons that have to claim any right in will six pence legacy

Lastely I appointe my dear and well beloved husband Philip Higgins whole executor of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable of what kind or nature soever

Witness my hand 16th September 1756

Mary Higgins

Witnesses Robert Caesar, Edward Moore ] jurati

At a Chapter Court held at Douglas 1st June 1761 The executor is sworn in Court in form of law to whom also as the testatrix his late wife hath no relations in this Isle, the tuition of his daughter Jane by his said late wife the testatrix is hereby committed, and of whom he is also sworn supervisor and for that end as also for the payment of debts and legacies, he hath given pledges namely Mr Edward Moore and Mr Thomas Mc Naughton, both of Douglas

Robert Radcliffe

Probatum est

Solvit 12d


  1. Mary was the second wife of Philip Higgin jnr. They were married 17th August 1751
  2. They had one child, Jane 25th June 1752
  3. Mary, the other executrix of the will of Phil jnr, and only surviving daughter from Philip's Marriage to Elizabeth Peel was buried 26th April 1761
  4. Philip married three times: Elizabeth Peel 1741 (d1751), Mary Hault 1751 (d1761) then widow Sarah Merydew als Scott 1761 (d1795)
  5. Philip Higgin snr made a gift of two cottages in 1737 to his son, Phil jnr, the year after Jane, the mother of Philip jnr, died. Their rent was respectively 2s 7d, and 20½d, for cottage allotments #48 & #52
  6. He was also lucky enough to be left cottages by Mariot Smith and Margaret Kelly in the 1750s
  7. Philip jnr was a hairdresser and wig maker

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